Safe Solution

Side-mounted vibratory roller eliminates danger and improves quality and production when rolling shoulders.

Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc.'s side-mounted vibratory shoulder roller (SVSR-1836) is designed to eliminate the dangers associated with rolling shoulders. The conventional method of compacting shoulders using a ride-on double-drum vibratory roller has caused serious accidents and death resulting from rollovers.

The SVSR-1836 is a side-mounted roller that can be quickly attached to most mid-size skid steers. The skid steer has a mounting plate on the front where the bucket (or any other attachment) would connect. Off the mounting plate is a steel bar that attaches near the center of the SVSR-1836. The second support location is near the center of the skid steer and extends to just above the rear 36-inch drum. The two support bars provide stability and alignment for the roller.

The roller has no engine, no drive system and no hydraulic system; the only system on the machine is the vibratory system in the rear drum. The skid steer unit provides the drive and hydraulic flow necessary to operate the rear drum vibratory system.

Only one operator (in the skid steer) is required to drive the SVSR-1836. The operator provides the appropriate alignment and activates the vibratory system on the roller when required.

In addition to improving the safety of shoulder rolling, the SVSR-1836 performs compaction of the shoulder in one pass. The 18-inch front drum pinches the edge and the 36-inch rear vibratory drum compacts the wedge. The roller is a PennDOT-approved device for its operation and the density it achieves on the shoulders.

The SVSR-1836 improves safety, quality, and production on shoulder back-up projects and has universal applications for contractors, state and municipal forces.

Applications for the SVSR-1836

  1. Use as designed to roll shoulders, banks and berms, compacting earth, aggregate milled and asphalt materials.
  2. Use in widening operation as a subgrade, stone base or asphalt placement compaction tool where walk-behind roller or vibratory plate is inefficient.
  3. Use as trench roller, to compact aggregate or asphalt in multiple lifts as required. SVSR is capable of fitting down into trench 36 inches or wider.
  4. Use as conventional 36- to 47-inch double-drum roller compacting earth, aggregate and asphalt materials for driveways, slabs, pads and walks.

Superior Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Superior Industries offers ceramic pulley lagging as a solution for producers who wish to boost productivity by eliminating costly belt slippage problems. Particularly suited to abrasive or highly wet or dry applications, Superior's ceramic lagging provides significantly greater traction than conventional lagging. Constructed from hundreds of individual ceramic tiles molded into a durable rubber backing, ceramic lagging cuts maintenance costs, reduces wear from abrasive materials, and extends the life of key conveyor components as it eliminates the need to over-tension the belt to attain greater traction. Superior also offers vulcanized rubber and Holz lagging options. For high traction, 60-durometer lagging is standard, with other lagging durometers available. Lagging can be attached to the pulley via vulcanizing or can be bolted or welded to the face of the pulley.

Professional Workwear Apparel

Professional Workwear offers breathable, druable and highly visible apparel that is designed for all weater conditions. The BTD-438 jacket features a two-way front zip, various pockets, including a map pocket and telephone pocket, drawstrings at the waist and bottom hem and detachable hood. The BTD-238 pants feature loops and elasticated and adjustable waistband, various pockets, rounded knees for greater freedom of movement and adjustable pant legs, which are zipped up to knee height.

Stone Silver Fox Forward Plates

The Silver Fox series includes eight models offering compaction force from 2,200 to 5,100 pounds. Units feauture Honda, Robin, Briggs & Stratton or diesel engines. The forward-mounted eccentric and a 15-degree ramped leading edge produce fast forward travel speeds and optimum gradeability. Self-cleaning, one-piece base plate and extra-large eccentric housing dissipate internal heat over the plate. Additional features include a synchronized drive system, extra-large 13-quart removable water tank and patented water system.

Trail King Ultra Lite Series

Trail King introduces the Ultra Lite Series bottom-dump trailers for on-highway use. Weighing 9,900 pounds, the series feature overall lengths of 36 to 43 feet with payloads ranging from 22 to 26 cubic yards. Other features include an oscillating fifth wheel plate, a large air reservoir with air system oiler and 12-foot gate.

Slide Sledge Heavy Equipment Hammer

The Slide Sledge Heavy Equipment Hammer delivers a smooth, targeted impact for quick, easy repairs. Steel chamber with a fatigue-proof drive bar slides with a linear, contained motion. Offering one-person operation, unit delivers impact of up to a 21-pound sledgehammer or up to 26 pounds with optional 5-pound handle weight. A selection of application-specific, easy switch tips are available.

Flex-Safe Barrier System

The Flex-Safe Barrier System provides professional safety and performance along with true portability. Whether used individually or in series, these durable, high visibility units provide the general public with clear and forceful direction. The system allows one person to set up seven-plus feet of protection in just seconds. The unique x-brace design unfolds instantly to create a pedestrian management system.

Terex Pegson 650 HA Premiertrak

The new Terex Pegson 650 HA Premiertrak uses an M Series single-toggle jaw crusher with hydraulic setting adjustment. The feed opening is 26 x 44 inches. The vibrating grizzly feeder is 14 inches x 3 foot 6 inches. The hydraulic folding feed hopper has up to a 13-cubic-yard gross capacity, depending on method of feed. The on-plant product conveyor has a discharge height of 10 feet 9 inches and hydraulic raise/lower tail section. The 24-inch-wide on-plant dirt/side conveyor has a discharge height of about 7 feet. Standard equipment includes a suspended, self-cleaning, overband magnetic separator; dust-suppression sprays; heavy-duty tracks; and a Cat C-9 diesel engine.

Landa SLT Pressure Washers

Landa offers a new line of portable hot-water pressure washers capable of supporting two spray wands that clean with a high-pressure spray heated to 200 degrees F. The six SLT models deliver cleaning power of 5.2 to 7.8 gallons per minute and 3,000 to 3,200 psi. Features include a stainless-steel, variable-pressure wand and a large volume heating coil, consisting of 300 feet of cold-rolled, 3/4-inch Schedule 80 steel pipe. Honda gasoline engines power two of the models while four others are driven by either a Lombardini diesel or Vanguard gasoline engine.

Schibeci RM Milling Attachments

Schibeci Road Services developed the RM range to mill concrete and asphalt. Units attach to skid steers, excavators and backhoe-loaders. The RM Series offers cuts from 6 to 24 inches wide per pass. The machine cuts up to 6 inches deep per pass, working to within a 1/16-inch tolerance. The RM is a specialty built pavement profiling attachment for low- to high-flow machines.

Harley Power Box Rake from Glenmac

Fast and easy to operate, the Harley Power Box rake levels uneven shoulders creating level and safer roadways. Unit is designed to completely remove sod clumps and root systems and reclaim overgrown material by pulverizing and processing encroaching vegetation. The attachment directs processed material toward the road's uneven edge, while the end-plate contains roadside material to fully process and eliminate all sod clumps and level ruts and erosion. The gauge wheel runs on blacktop surface creating a level finish, while the end-plate traps pulverized finished material flush with asphalt edge.