Sports Venue Construction Spending in 2018 Expected to Drop 40% from 2017

This year sports venue construction spending expected to be only $4.1 billion after a three-year stretch totallying nearly $17 billion spent to build or renovate sports venues

Chicago Business Journal

Construction spending on sports venues has soared over the last few years. In fact, the last three years totalled nearly $17 billion spent to build or renovate sports venues. For 2018, construction spending on this category is expected to total $4.1 billion, a 40% drop compared to the $6.9 billion record high spent on projects that opened in 2017. But, this will likely be a temporary dip as SportsBusiness Journal research has indicated $11.4 billion has already been allocated for projects opening in 2019 or later.

Next year, 2019, is expected to be a record year for major league and minor league baseball stadium construction.

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