White House Releases Official Infrastructure Plan

Fifty-five page plan includes just $200 billion in spending by the federal government expected to attract $1.3 trillion in state, local and private infrastructure investment

The Hill

The White House has officially released a 55-page proposal for President Trump's infrastructure plan. The plan includes $200 billion from the federal government. Half of the federal seed money -- $100 billion -- is planned to go toward an incentive program to match financing from state and local governments investing in rebuilding projects. One quarter of the appropriations is set to be used for rural projects in the form of block grant to states.

In addition, $20 billion is set for "transformative programs" for new projects while another $20 billion is allocated to expand the use of loans and private activity bonds. Ten billion is set to go into a "capital financing fund."

The plan is structured around four main goals:

  • Attracting $1.3 trillion in state, local and private investment in infrastructure
  • Streamlining the permitting process down to two years
  • Investing in rural infrastructure projects
  • Advancing workforce training

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