Liebherr Sponsors Live DEMOlition Event and Showcases Three Machines at Demolition Austin 2018

Construction Equipment division serves as the official sponsor of National Demolition Association’s first Live DEMOlition event and will use it to showcase three machines

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Liebherr USA, Co. Construction Equipment division serves as the official sponsor of National Demolition Association’s first Live DEMOlition event at the Demolition Austin 2018 trade show. The Construction Equipment division will showcase three machines: an R 936 Demolition Excavator, an LH 30 M Material Handler and an L 550 XPower Tier 4 Final Wheel Loader.

Demolition Austin 2018 takes place February 22-24, 2018 at the Austin Convention Center and Texas Disposal Systems. Attendees will have the chance to walk around the L 550 XPower Tier 4 Final Wheel loader at exhibit hall booth 439 at the Austin Convention Center on Friday February 23. On Saturday February 24, registered operators will have a unique opportunity to operate the R 936 Demolition Excavator and the LH 30 M Material Handler at the Live DEMOlition site at Texas Disposal Systems.

R 936 Demolition Excavator

The Liebherr R 936 Demolition Excavator is the optimal machine for your ground level demolition needs. The Heavy Duty Straight Boom is a one-piece boom with casting in all high stress areas to reduce the risk of failure in heavy demolition applications. Liebherr designed and manufactured the Straight Boom to provide further reach than the typical Gooseneck Boom.

Liebherr 1The large-diameter electro-plated hydraulic pipes on its boom and stick ensures a fast and efficient way to get the oil to the tool, which produces faster working cycles for any hydraulic tool. For added machine protection, the R 936 has guarding to protect objects from damaging the underbelly of the upper carriage and undercarriage during demolition.

At the Live DEMOlition event, participants will see firsthand the importance of the additional guarding and that it adds approximately four inches of added protection. The machine also features a bucket cylinder protection that completely protects the cylinder rod in all working positions. The adjustable front guard not only protects the operators but makes it easy to clean the windshield because it swings outward.

To effortlessly service the machine, the R 936 has an Automatic Central Lubrication system that periodically lubricates the pins and bushing of the entire upper carriage, boom and stick. The frequency of the lubrication can be set by using the touch screen in the cab. Additionally, the cooling package is designed side by side to shield excess material from building up during operation and the AC condenser swings out of the way by turning a knob, which means no tools are required to use this feature. The R 936 also features a reversible fan drive that can be set on a timer or activated manually whenever it is needed. 

L 550 XPower

The Liebherr XPower driveline considerably increases working efficiency. Quick working cycles, high tipping loads and high machine uptime lead to increased handling capacity and higher productivity. This exponential driveline paired with Liebherr-Power-Efficiency (LPE) achieves a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 30% when compared to conventional travel gears. At highest efficiency, this reduces operating costs and increases profitability. The XPower driveline brakes automatically and the service brake only acts as a support and is therefore subject to hardly any wear.

Wheel spin on the Liebherr L 550 wheel loader is prevented through continuous tractive effort control of the driveline combined with automatic self-locking differentials. In addition, productivity is increased and tire wear reduced by up to 25%.

Liebherr 2The L 550 XPower wheel loader showing at Demolition 2018 features the full guarding package, which protects vital areas from the underbelly of the machine to the tilt cylinder, windshield and lighting. The loader features a particle protection and air pre-cleaner; this combined with the optimal placement of the cooling package prevents debris contamination in the cooling components. The unit is also equipped with a High-Dump bucket and solid tires, to provide a complete package ready for any demolition environment.

The cab design is optimally adapted to the operator’s day-to-day requirements. The roomy and ergonomic operator’s cab offers perfect conditions for comfortable and productive work. The operating and control instruments are well laid out and user-friendly. All operation-relevant data can be viewed quickly and efficiently. The high operating comfort allows the operator to work efficiently and safely.

LH 30 M Material Handler

The LH 30 M material handler at the Live Demolition event will impress operators by its versatility in various types of applications, such as scrap handling or sorting operations. The configuration includes a straight boom measuring 25 ft. 7 in. in length and a 19 ft. 8 in. long industrial stick, as well as a Liebherr 0.78 yd³ five tine grapple. Other elements of the machine configuration are the hydraulic cab elevation as well as the 4-point outrigger with individual control. The reversible fan and the large-mesh radiator provide a reliable, sealed unit in the engine compartment for machine operation in environments with heavy dust.

The LH 30 M has a four-cylinder inline diesel engine from Liebherr, which complies with emissions Stage IV / Tier 4f. Compared with the previous model, it returns 140kW / 190HP as opposed to 129kW / 175HP on the previous series.

Liebherr 3The increase in engine output means that the system has more torque available for more powerful movements. Furthermore, load peaks are compensated intelligently, meaning maximum torque is available at all times for maximum handling capacity. In combination with the greater pump delivery volume and the closed slewing circuit, maximum acceleration and the highest level of speed in the working movements are guaranteed. 

The new LH 30 M combines intelligent electronics with sensitive hydraulics and ensures precise and finely-controlled work with fast and powerful movements at the same time. The expertly conceived machine control guarantees optimal adaptation of the hydraulics to the respective use. Speed and power are available whenever they are needed.

Liebherr relies on state-of-the-art engine technology with intelligent machine controls that optimize the interplay of the drive components in terms of their degree of efficiency. Liebherr-Power Efficiency (LPE) enables machine operation in the area of the lowest specific fuel use for reduced consumption and greater efficiency with maximum performance. The engine speed was adjusted to 1,700 rpm, which optimizes the operating point. Moreover, the enclosed slewing mechanism circuit feeds the braking power back into the system during slowing of the upper carriage.

Participants at the Live DEMOlition event will experience firsthand the comfort of the LH 30 M operator’s cab. It was further developed in terms of ergonomics, operating comfort and functionality which offers the operator exceptional comfort thanks to new standard equipment. The foldable left armrest permits easy and safe entry to the cab. In addition the ergonomic joysticks allow the machine operation to be both pleasant and precise, which provides the best conditions for healthy and productive work with high levels of concentration.

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