JLG's Humorous Video Series Highlights Serious Topic of ANSI Standards Compliance

In this five video series, “Sgt. McConnell” pushes “recruits” to be compliant with the new ANSI standards before the December deadline

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The new ANSI standards shouldn’t be taken lightly — and neither should Sgt. McConnell. Watch JLG's Boot Camp miniseries to see how he pushes recruits to be compliant with the new standards before the December 2019 deadline. With a little tough love and a lot of hard work, these recruits will be ready in time.

Jlg Boot Camp Logo X300Episode 1 begins with a welcome to Boot Camp, in which Sgt. McConnell lays out exactly what his four recruits need to learn before the December 2019 deadline. Episode 2 helps the recruits get familiar with new ANSI training requirements - with one recruit learning the hard way that supervisors are now required to be trained. 

With Episode 3, Sgt. McConnell and the recruits get up close and personal with ANSI-compliant machines to identify what’s changed under the new standards. Load sensing and tilt sensing take center stage.

Episode 4 goes on to explore performing a proper site risk assessment, as well as why a robust safe use program requires engagement from employees and leadership. Episode 5 wraps up the series as the recruits prove that they’ll be compliant before the December 2019 deadline. 

To view the series, go to https://www.jlg.com/en/destination/ansi/video, or JLG’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/JLGIndustriesInc.