CARB Leaves Door Open for Stronger Zero-Emissions Truck Regulation

California Air Resource Board leaves the door open to strengthening its zero-emissions truck regulations prior to slated adoption in spring of 2020

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Kenworth Truck Co.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) on December 12, 2019, heard more than six hours of testimony on its staff’s proposal for zero-emission truck manufacturing targets. The board concluded the hearing by strongly signaling to the staff that more work is needed to ensure the rule is as effective as necessary to protect public health and improve air quality prior to its adoption in the spring.

The rule, called the Advanced Clean Trucks Rule (ACT), requires that truck manufacturers produce a set number of electric trucks between 2024 and 2030. The ACT regulation will apply to a variety of truck types, including delivery vans, heavy-duty pickups used to tow trailers, box trucks and big rigs.

Heavy-duty trucks are the No. 1 source of smog-forming emissions in the state. While they are only 7% of total vehicles on the road, they are responsible for 20% of climate pollution from the transportation sector. The Sierra Club is a part of a large coalition of labor, environmental, public health, and environmental justice organizations advocating for a stronger ACT rule.

Katherine Garcia, Clean Transportation Advocate with Sierra Club California, released the following statement: “We need a stronger zero-emission truck requirement than the staff proposed. It was clear after listening to hours of public testimony that much of the board agreed.There will be much more work to do to make the rule appropriately strong before it comes to the board for a vote this spring.

“We will keep pushing CARB to adopt a stronger rule with bolder truck targets that will truly deliver clean air and save lives in California when the rule comes up for a vote in the spring," she added.