Employee Appreciation Throughout the Busy Season

At the core of every good company, there is a team of employees that are powered by a great company culture.

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Quality jobs, innovative practices and increased revenue are all valuable factors in measuring success of a company. But who makes it possible for the company's success? Motivated, dedicated employees who are committed to their company values and live it day in, and day out.

The paving and pavement maintenance season is kicking into high gear. With that, we want to keep in mind company culture and show our appreciation for those who work for us. Maintaining great company culture is a step towards creating a productive, welcoming environment that gets prospective employees excited to join your team, as well as keeps veteran workers motivated to continue the good work. Here are some benefits for instilling good company culture throughout your organization:

  • Increased Employee Retention: Qualified talent is more likely to join an organization that has a reputation for a good place to work. Your current employees also have a higher likelihood of staying with the company, season after season
  • Good Reputation: When a customer knows a business treats them employees well, they tend to want to support that business
  • Improved Efficiency: Company culture can and will affect productivity levels of all employees

Learn How to Embrace Positive Company Culture

When we get into the height of the season, it is easy to overlook showing gratitude to employees. For example, if a crew has some unexpected challenges or delays yet they accomplish the job, reach out by phone call, text or email and share your gratitude. “Your skills made this project come together even with unforeseen challenges, thank you” – that simple thank you can go a long way!

It is important to discuss opportunities for growth with employees. Professional growth doesn’t simply mean getting promotions – managers should provide their crew members opportunities to acquire new skills and techniques.

Celebrating successes in the workplace sparks employee motivation and renewed ownership in their work. In company meetings, give a shout-out to a crew member or office staff for going above and beyond.

Turnover can have negative impacts on your business. Keep these simple tips in mind throughout the busy season to show appreciation for your hard-working crews and staff members. Do you or your company have a unique appreciation program? I would love to hear about it, [email protected]