Hops & Highways Episode 24: How to Improve Company Culture

Poor culture at your construction company can have negative impacts on your business including an increased risk of errors, higher turnover and lower productivity. This week Jess & Dormie share tips to help.

Organizations with positive cultures have engaged, productive employees who feel respected, valued and invested. They have lower turnover, more innovation and better ability to hire based on their reputation.

Conversely, a workplace with a poor culture often suffers from high turnover, disengaged employees, lower production quality, and difficulty hiring. Culture isn’t easy to change. However, with commitment from leadership, it can be done.

This week, Jess & Dormie talk to Danielle Troncoso, director of finance and administration and Cassandra Scanlan, senior sales consultant at DACs Asphalt & Concrete out of Denver, CO. They share tips on how they have engrained positive company culture in their organization and we share tips who can help as well. 

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