Pavement Industry News: Astec Launches Complete Rebrand, Crafco Inc. President Retires, Pavement Awards Open and More

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Astec Launches a Complete Rebrand

Astec Industries, Inc. is launching a new modern look with a rebranding initiative to coincide with its business model. The rebrand includes a new logo, color palette and website. The launch comes while the organization streamlines its internal structure and operations to improve efficiency and drive growth.

Carlson Paving, Heatec, RexCon, Roadtec, along with the other companies, will no longer operate as separate subsidiary companies and will all take on the Astec name.

Amy Schwandt, publisher of Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction sat down with Astec President and CEO, Barry Ruffalo to learn more about the OneAstec Business Model.

Crafco, Inc. President Retires

After 40-years with the company, Don Brooks has retired. During Don’s tenure at Crafco, he served as Controller in 1980, Vice President and General Manager in 1983, Senior Vice-President and General Manager in 1991 and President, in 2011. 

"Don’s strategic leadership played a key role in the shaping stages of Crafco early on," said Gary Johnson, senior vice president and general manager of Crafco. "Over 40 years later, Crafco is recognized around the world for the quality, innovation and value which impact every piece of equipment, pound of material, and service we provide."

Read more on Don's service and achievements 

Jack Moran of Keystone Retires After 30 Years

Jack Moran has been a well-known fixture in the sweeping industry and has seen the industry change over the years. One thing that remained the same was his service and dedication to not only the company, but the sweeping industry as a whole.

"Jack was my mentor, he taught me everything I needed to know in the street sweeping business," said Michael Nafta, vice president of Keystone. "He opened up the doors and set me on the road to close the doors. That recipe worked very well for a very long time."

Mike Santos is Moran's replacement as sales manager.

Read more about Jack's tenure with the company

Pavement Award Nominations Now Open

It's time to begin thinking about documenting your best or most-challenging jobs of this year so you can enter them to receive a 2022 Pavement Award. The annual awards provide industry-wide recognition for contractors involved in all aspects of pavement maintenance.

Award categories include and entries are open for:Pavement Awards 2022

  • Best Marketing Video
  • Best of the Web
  • Good Neighbor (charitable efforts)
  • Contractor of the Year
  • Sweeper of the Year
  • Hall of Fame
  • The Alan Curtis Industry Service Award
  • Cutting-Edge Sweeper
  • Paving: Parking lot
  • Paving: Non-Parking lot
  • Seal & Stripe: Large Job
  • Seal & Stripe: Small Job

All entries must be made online at before the deadline of November 5.