New Rental Products June 2009

Products recently introduced to the rental market, as well as models which have undergone significant changes.

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Multitek North America introduces a safer and more productive alternative to conventional log splitters. The new 1610EZ loads, cuts, splits and sends firewood through the integrated 13-ft. conveyor into a stockpile or trailer. The machine sets up quick and is easily transportable from site to site with its fully integrated design. With an interchangeable four- or six- way splitting wedge, the wood is processed to size at approximately 1.0 to 1.5 cords per hour (128 cu ft/cord).


Multitek North America, LLC

2012 Skid Steer


The 2012 super compact skid-steer loader measures only 3 ft. wide and 6.25 ft. tall, making it suited for maneuvering through narrow alleys, doorways, aisles and corridors.

  • 24-hp Yanmar diesel engine
  • 850-lb. rated operating and lift height of 96 in.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic couplers provide easy access for powering various compact attachments
  • Universal-style, quick-attach attachment bracket
  • Easily transportable with an overall machine weight less than 2,900 lbs.


Mustang Mfg. Co., Inc.

5" Concrete Grinder with Dust Extraction


CS Unitec's EBS 1801 5" concrete grinder removes epoxy, paint and other coatings, as well as smooths rough concrete surfaces before applying new paints or coatings. A 16 AMP, 1800-watt motor enables a high load capacity. This grinder model comes with a built-in vacuum port for dust-free operation when connected to an industrial vacuum and has an integrated shock absorbing system to reduce fatigue and increase user comfort. Electronic features include soft start, overcurrent cut-off and optical overload indication. Assorted diamond grinding wheels for concrete, epoxy and masonry material are available.


CS Unitec, Inc.

619A and 723A Telehandlers


JLG announces it has expanded its offering of compact telehandlers with two new models. The JLG 619A and 723A will be sold for use in landscaping, construction and agricultural applications. The 619A provides nearly 6,000 lbs. of capacity at the maximum reach height of 19 ft., while the 723A allows nearly 7,000 lbs. at a height of 23 ft. Both models are equipped with all-wheel-steer. In addition to the compact size and premium cab, these models include a single joystick control design that combines smoother and more precise control with the speed operators need for peak performance when picking or placing loads. The controls feature a standard lift/loader mode feature that allows the operator to switch the primary function of the "X-axis" from controlling the telescopic function of the boom to controlling the tilt or dump function of the attachment. This feature combined with a variety of available attachments and the ability to utilize skid steer attachments, further increases the versatility of these models. These models will complement the existing G5-18A creating a JLG branded line-up of three compact telehandlers and eleven construction models. With the launch of these models, JLG will discontinue the G5-19A and G6-23A.


JLG Industries, Inc.

EB8520RT Backpack Blower


Shindaiwa's announces its newest backpack blower with C4 Technology, the EB8520RT. Featuring a 79.7 cc engine with fuel efficiency and low emissions, the blower provides 813 cfm. Other features include a new one-piece ignition coil and heat sensor designed to reduce engine rpm when blower is subjected to overheating and an infinitely adjustable "cruise control" and "hush mode" reducing noise levels to 65 db(A).


Shindaiwa Inc.

EU3000i Handi


Honda Power Equipment introduces the all-new EU3000i Handi, an addition to the popular Honda Super Quiet Series of portable generators. The lightweight and extremely user-friendly EU3000i Handi provides users with dependable, portable power for use at home or at remote recreational sites. Producing 3,000 volt amperes (VA) - or watts - of power, the EU3000i Handi meets a variety of power needs. The new model's ample power output, exceptional fuel efficiency and super quiet operation make it well suited to provide limited home back-up power during a blackout or other power emergency, while its easy operation and extreme portability suit it equally well for a campsite, RV camping and tailgating activities. In relation to generator innovation, Honda engineers have employed the latest in Eco-Throttle technology and a high efficiency inverter design in the EU3000i Handi, resulting in very low fuel consumption for a generator of its power output. The EU3000i Handi can operate on one tank of fuel for more than 4 hours, saving owners time and money. At the heart of the new EU3000i Handi is the reliable and powerful Honda GX160 engine. With the GX160, the Honda EU3000i Handi provides an economical, quiet and efficient powerplant to complement the generator's technology and advanced design.


American Honda Motor Co.

Expansion Tools


Electric Eel Mfg. introduces the addition of three Special Expansion Cleaning Tools to its accessory offering for mainline machines. The three-bladed tools are available in three sizes: 3"-4", 4"-6" and 4"-8" and are constructed of heavy-duty heat-treated steel for longer life. Blades can be replaced separately for cost savings and the expansion tools all feature the snap-lock quick connect tool coupling. Electric Eel produces of a full range of drain and sewer cleaning machines including sectional units, drum machines, and a complete line of pipeline inspection systems. Electric Eel's industry leading product quality, service and support includes a nationwide network of sales representatives.



Electric Eel



Extreme Access Solutions announces the introduction of a new LEO 23 GT version which combines two independent systems; battery power and 120V electric hydraulic power into one package. The new system, designed with advanced battery technology, allows the LEO 23 GT lift to work 6 to 7 hours non-stop, where traditional batteries might only last 1 to 2 hours under extreme loads. When possible to plug into an ordinary wall socket, the 120V sister system allows lift to work 24/7 non-stop. The LEO 23 GT has 76-ft. vertical reach and 36-ft. horizontal reach and can enter any 38.5-in. door.


Extreme Access Solutions

LGR 2800i Portable Dehumidifier


Dri-Eaz Products has just announced the availability of the new LGR 2800i, a portable dehumidifier that offers industry-leading performance and unique intelligent sensing features. The 2800i utilizes onboard sensors to automatically monitor inlet and outlet conditions. These values are displayed on the control panel for easy reference by the user. The unit also uses this information to automatically adjust fan speed, defrost cycles and other factors in order to maximize performance in every condition, including at high temperatures and in low grain environments. The unit is compatible with the HygroTrac remote monitoring system. The 2800i is also among the first portable dehumidifiers to utilize the earth-friendly 410A refrigerant.


Dri-Eaz Products, Inc.

LS 14 and LS 16 Cut-Off Saws


Designed for a variety of applications, the LS 14 and LS 16 hydraulic-powered cut-off saws from Atlas Copco Construction Equipment LLC are designed for cutting through concrete, asphalt, cement, brick and steel. The 14-inch blade on the LS 14 provides a cutting depth of 5.3 inches, while the 16-inch LS 16 offers a cutting depth of 6.3 inches. These units feature a power-on-demand system that automatically decreases the pack's engine speed when a tool is disengaged, reducing fuel consumption and extending the life of the power pack. The saws' simple direct-drive design provides consistent speed and torque and reduces maintenance, compared with belt-driven saws. Equipped with wheels and handles, their hydraulic power packs are small enough to transport by pickup truck and can be positioned up to 75 ft away. Standard features include a hose to deliver water to a diamond blade for wet cutting and a 6.6-ft hydraulic twin-whip hose with flat face and quick-release couplings for easy connection to the power pack hose or an extension hose.


Atlas Copco Construction Equipment LLC

R508LP-3 & R510LP-5


Bri-Mar has expanded its line of Rascal Dump Trailers with the R508LP-3 and R510LP-5 models. The R508LP-3 has a 5-ft. by 8-ft. dump bed, 3,000-lb. GVWR, 1.9-cu.-yd. capacity and 4-in. channel mainframe. The 510LP-5 has a 5-ft. by 10-ft. dump bed, 5,000-lb. GVWR, 2.3-cu.-yd. capcity and 5-in. channel mainframe. Both models have 15-in. high sides, 2-in. ball couplers and use an electrically powered Monarch hydraulic pump to lift the dump beds.


Bri-Mar Manufacturing

Vibration Control Technology Line


Bosch Power Tools and Accessories offers its new Vibration Control technology on its new 11264EVS and 11265EVS 1-5/8" Rotary Hammers and the 11321EVS 12-lb. Demolition Hammer. The Vibration Control system starts with an optimized impact mechanism for up to 20% faster drilling in concrete. The second component of the system is a shock-absorbent main handle for operator comfort.


Bosch Power Tools