Rental Show Products Preview January 2009

Equipment Rental Products

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400 Series 3 Skid Steer Loaders


The Case 410, 420, 430, 435, 440, 445, 450 and 465 skids steers feature clean-burning, Tier III-certified engines from 57 to 83 net hp.

  • Cabs feature a 7% increase in headroom and 6% increase in lap-bar width, along with improved forward, side, rear and overhead visibility
  • Standard suspension seat, cushioned lap bar with arm rest, ergonomically designed control handles and foot throttle
  • Service features include improved oil and fuel filter access, wide-fin side-by-side radiator and oil cooler and improved cold starting
  • Options include a deluxe instrument panel with keyless start, road lights with turn signals and a radio with MP3 player



4GC Concrete Grinder


  • 36-in. working width with 4 square feet of surface contact area
  • For production grinding, cleaning, leveling or smoothing of large surface areas
  • Available with electric, gasoline and/or propane power options
  • Standard with a 3-in. vacuum port for dry grinding and a garden hose hook-up for wet grinding



EDCO Equipment Development Co.

BASIC Model 700 Pneumatic roller


The 1 1/2- to 3-ton BASIC Model 700 pneumatic roller features a seven-wheel design with wheels that oscillate independently.

  • Hydrostatic drive and power steering
  • Kubota water-cooled diesel engine
  • ISO-certified ROPS system
  • Includes a pressurized water system and backup alarm


Shannon Chastain Enterprises

BB302 and BB705 Bark Blowers


  • Trailer-mounted bark blowers
  • 33.5- or 71-hp Kubota diesel engines
  • 1.5- to 4.5-cu.-yd. hopper capacities
  • Exclusive roatary airlock and blower system
  • Material can be applied up to 200 ft. away from unit
  • Applies mulch, soil, compost, light aggregate and playground chips
  • Booth #3467


Finn Corporation

Beever M12D


  • 12-in. chipping capacity
  • 2-in-thick disc with full length, bolt-on fan paddles
  • 18-in.-diameter single top feed roller
  • TorqMax feed wheel compression system
  • Booth #6146


Morbark, Inc.

Brush Shredder


  • Available with 60, 170 or 275 hp
  • Rotating drum and stationary teeth for clearing heavy brush and trees
  • Attaches to the Sneller Multi-Task carrier or your existing excavator
  • Self powered -- not hydraulic


Sneller Machine

BS-2i Rammer


The BS-2i two-cycle rammer series features a new look that includes a change from the familiar green bellows and silencer cover to gray bellows and a yellow silencer cover.

  • Advanced injection system
  • Updated engine cylinder lowers total emissions by 38% and reduces fuel consumption by 15%
  • Low-profile, integrated muffler enables compaction closer to structures, while protecting against damage
  • Three models weighing from 131 to 164 lbs. and featuring reduced hand-arm vibration, integrated fuel valve and throttle lever and optimized weight balance


Wacker Neuson Corporation

Dingo TX 427


  • 27-hp Kohler engine
  • Narrow-track model has 535-lb. rated operating capacity, 92-in. length, 33.7-in. width and 5.1 psi of ground pressure
  • Wide-track model features a 535-lb. rated operating capacity, 92-in. length, 41-in. width and 3.5-psi ground pressure
  • Models can pump 19-hp flow to attachments for increased productivity in ground-engaging applications



The TX 427 Dingo compact utility loaders feature a 535-lb. rated operating capacity (35% of tip capacity) and a 27-hp Kohler gasoline engine that delivers added torque for increased pulling and digging force. Weighing 2,006 lbs. with standard bucket, the narrow track version has a 92-in. length with bucket and a 33.7-in. width. The 5.9-in. (wide) tracks generate 5.1 psi of ground pressure. The wide track model weighs 2,186 lbs. with standard bucket, yet generates 3.5-psi ground pressure. It has an overall length of 92 in. and a 41-in. wide track setup. Both models have four independent hydraulic pumps that deliver 16.9 gpm to each track, 11.4 gpm to the auxiliary hydraulics and 6 gpm to the loader arm. Auxiliary hydraulics supply a 19-hp flow to the attachment.



The Toro Company



  • Now with Flashboard for party and event rental companies: on-screen display show changes to process orders and existing pick tickets; indicates revisions to inventory items on reservations and deliveries scheduled for picking, with contract number, customer name, venue address, old quantity, new quantity and delivery date
  • Maximizes returns on inventory investment through rigorous inventory tracking and intuitive processing of rentals, sales, reservations and quotations, image capture, service scheduling and more
  • Also includes capabilities for purchase orders and parts
  • Windows-based Enfinity marries a post-relational database to Solutions powerful applications to offer exceptional scalability


Solutions By Computer

EU2000iA Companion Generator


  • One 30A receptacle and one 20A receptacle
  • Eco-Throttle system helps conserve fuel
  • 2,000 watts of inverter 120-volt AC power
  • 59 db at rated load and 53 db at one-quarter load
  • Weighs less than 46 lbs.


American Honda Motor Co.

EX40 Engine


  • Delivers maximum output of 14 hp
  • Meets both CARB and EPA Tier 3 Emission standards
  • Automatic decompression timing system reduces pulling force by 30- to 40-percent
  • Inclined cylinder, lighter-weight parts and improved rotation balance
  • Full 2 dbA quieter in exhaust tone
  • Allows for 360-degree airflow around valve stem areas
  • Patent-pending oil delivery system
  • Booth #3459



Subaru Robin

Flexeel DuraWhip


  • Polyurethane jackhammer whip hose
  • Vibration-resistant swivel fittings which prevent the hose from twisting
  • Steel spring bend restrictors which provide a 180-degree bend radius with no kinking
  • To be used between the jackhammer hose and the tool
  • Highly resistant to abrasion, oils and greases
  • Available in 6, 10 or 25 ft in Hi Viz Construxion Orange color.


Coilhouse Pneumatics

FS20 Flat Saw


  • Up to 8-in.-deep cuts
  • Upright handle attachment allows for wall corner cutting or wall or curb cutting at ground level
  • Cuts vertically, horizontally, under water and in confined spaces
  • Dual-function trigger for automatic wet cutting
  • Includes a heavy-duty guard for flush cutting and guard attachment for normal cutting


Reimann & Georger Corp.



The 10,800-lb. JLG G5-18A provides a maximum lifting capacity of 5,500 lbs., maximum lift height of 18 ft. 4 in. and maximum forward reach of 10 ft. 10 in.

  • Operator-selectable steering modes include four-wheel circle, four-wheel crab and two-wheel steering
  • 126-in. turning radius and compact dimensions for maneuverability in confined or congested work areas
  • Switch in cab allows the operator to choose between Lift Mode (joystick L/R moves boom in/out) or Loader Mode (joystick L/R tilts attachment up/down.
  • 84-hp Perkins engine
  • Available with several attachments and can be configured to accommodate skid-steer attachments

The 10,800-lb. JLG G5-18A provides a maximum lifting capacity of 5,500 lbs., maximum lift height of 18 ft. 4 in. and maximum forward reach of 10 ft. 10 in. Operator-selectable steering modes include four-wheel circle, four-wheel crab and two-wheel steering. A 126-in. turning radius and compact dimensions allow for maneuverability in confined or congested work areas. A switch in the cab allows the operator to choose between Lift or Loader Modes. The 84-hp unit is available with several attachments and can be configured to accommodate skid-steer attachments.


JLG Industries, Inc.

Groutzilla System


The PTO-driven Groutzilla placement system easily places grout and masonry mortar in blocks, walls, forms and foundations.

  • Handles 20 cu. ft. of material, including most slump
  • Replaceable steel hopper swivels on heavy-duty roller bearings
  • Self-wiping Talet auger system with reinforced, composite polymer flighting that prevents binding due to various aggregate sizes
  • Positive hydraulically controlled shutoff valve
  • Heavy-duty fork pockets
  • Booth #2535


Stone Construction Equip. Inc.

HB20 SideWinder


  • Unique pivot-action base, allowing the operator to keep the wheelbase stationary while using a smooth gliding motion back and forth to grind stumps
  • Enables unit to be positioned in close proximity to stump, release the pivot pin and simply swing the handlebars from side to side
  • 20-hp Kohler gas engine
  • 19-in. cutterhead with 24 teeth
  • Compact and highly maneuverable
  • Booth #2753


Bandit Industries, Inc.

K-Series Gas-powered Compressors


The K-Series gas-powered, wheeled compressors include four models delivering 8.9 cfm at 100 psi or 8.6 cfm at 125 psi.

  • 5.5-hp Honda GX engines with recoil or electric start
  • Incorporate the "K" pump, a heavy-duty, single-stage, cast iron compressor pump
  • Four air tank configurations (8, 15, 17 and 30 gal.)
  • Belt driven with a large flywheel for easy startups and extra cooling
  • Lifting handles and pneumatic tires enhance portability
  • Booth #2627


Jenny Products

Lo Riser Inclining Platform Trailer


The Lo Riser inclining platform trailer has a 74" x 16 load carrying platform that can be hydraulically lowered to ground height with the flip of a switch.

  • Minimum 4° load angle when lowered
  • 14,000-lb. maximum payload capacity
  • Built-in ramp for easy, drive-on loading and unloading
  • Options include on-board battery with charger and maintainer, spare tire and wheel with carrier, and cargo winch


Advance Metalworking Company

LP 13-20 DEL


The LP 13-20 DEL hydraulic power pack features a 10-hp Lombardini series 15LD air-cooled diesel engine with recoil and electric start.

  • 5.3-gpm hydraulic oil flow at a maximum pressure of 2,175 psi
  • Oil capacity of 1.3 gal. to sufficiently fill the pack, hoses and an attached tool
  • Thermostatically-controlled air blast oil cooler
  • Tubular stainless steel frame mounted in rubber suspensions
  • Reinforced chassis integrated with the tank and fan housing
  • Measures 23.6 in. wide, 29.3 in. long and 27.8 in. tall and weighs 256 lbs.
  • Booth #2935


Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC

M57 Utility Mount


The M57 Mobilair Utility Mount portable compressor delivers 210 cfm at 100 psig.

  • Four-cylinder diesel engine
  • Sigma Profile airend
  • Delivers 210 cfm at 100 psig
  • Easy to read curb-side instrument panel
  • 28-gal. fuel tank
  • Includes forklift slots and a single-point lifting bail for easier cross mounting on service vehicles
  • Booth #7254


Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

MTT Power Trio


  • Combination generator, light tower and water trailer
  • MTT 20 single-phase generator (19kW prime)
  • MTT 25 single-phase (15kW prime)/3-phase (18kW prime) generator
  • 31.5-hp Isuzu diesel engine
  • Four 1,000-watt metal halide light fixtures with 360-degree rotation
  • 500-gal. capacity water tank
  • 246-gal. fuel tank
  • Heavy-duty double-axle steel trailer
  • Booth #5807


Magnum Products Inc



  • One machine for cleaning surfaces including tents and portable dance floors
  • With the switch of a button, users can clean hard floors and carpet
  • Self-cleaning cylindrical brushes saves on chemicals and water usage



Plugr Turf Aerators


  • Five sizes of walk-behind aerators
  • 22- to 30-in. aeration widths
  • Tow Pro attachment with 45-in. aeration area
  • Reciprocating aerators with tines power driven deep into the ground by crankshaft and engine to create deeper, cleaner holes
  • Plugrs use no add-on weights
  • Lightweight, maneuverable and low maintenance



ProTrac Series Skid Steer Tracks


The PROTRAC Series self-cleaning skid-steer tracks are offered in three styles to handle virtually any job environment.

  • Manganese-enriched steel alloy construction
  • Use pins and links made of heat-treated forged chromium for greater wear resistance
  • Self-cleaning
  • Stabilizes skid steer bounce and eliminates tire slippage


McLaren Industries, Inc.

Rammax Viper Trench Roller


The Rammax Viper trench roller has a maintenance-free articulation design and unique oscillation joint feature that provides reliable stability on uneven surfaces.

  • Available in 24- or 33-in. widths
  • Provides 2,460 vpm and reaches centrifugal forces up to 15,543 lbs.
  • Z-frame design features overlapping drums to eliminate un-compacted areas
  • Straight Compaction Technology delivers equal amplitude to all four drums
  • Standard internal drum scrapers, automatic idle control, failure diagnostic system and heavy-duty maintenance-free latches


Multiquip Inc.

Red Hawk Breaker


The 50-lb. Red Hawk gas-powered breaker offers quiet operation and zero setup time for a wide range of applications.

  • Delivers an impact rate of 2,600 bpm
  • 19 tools and accessories available for maximum versatility
  • Silencing muffler reduces operating noise level to 107 dB
  • Vibration-dampening handles limit vibration levels to 4.7 m/s2
  • Meets EPA1 emission regulations
  • Choke control and user-friendly instructions allow for better speed control and easier starting and operation
  • Booth #4209


Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.

Rental Enterprise Management System


  • Version 11.0 with contract cloning, better division/item location tracking, easier kit processing, new version for AV and party rental companies, and ability to "auto-create" purchase orders for stock, non-stock, special orders and drop-ships
  • Designed to streamline operations
  • Flexible, easy to use
  • Full work order management for service of rental fleet and customers equipment
  • Thorough serialized tracking for complete sales and service history on equipment
  • Advanced features including vendor price disks for extensive parts management and integrated credit card processing


Universal Accounting Software

S-80 and S-85 Telescopic Booms


The redesigned S-80 and S-85 feature a virtual pivot boom design that keeps the weight of the boom over the chassis’ center of gravity as it elevates.

  • Eliminates need for extra counterweight and reduces the overall weight for use in more sensitive terrains
  • Improved control system with boom angle sensors provides a comfortable feel with smooth action
  • Shotgun-style cylinder boom assembly replaced with a single cylinder and sequencing cable system
  • Active oscillating axle provides better traction in rough terrain
  • Fixed-width axle allows for an 8-ft. 2-in. total width


Genie Industries

Sirius Pro


  • New: Scenario Management Module, advanced scaffolding -specific billing features and updated Preventive Maintenance Module
  • Web Module allows customers to use their website to post pictures and extended descriptions of each item available for rent and receive requests for quotes and reservations from their rental customers
  • Windows-based rental management software enables users to control activities, clients and inventories in an effective manner
  • Integrates with accounting software packages such as QuickBooks
  • Booth #4059


Orion Software

SP8/G Series II


The SP8/G Series II surface planer is suitable for a range of applications, including milling misaligned sidewalks and joints, removing thermo and cold plastic markings and prepping floors for new coatings.

  • Can be equipped with various 5-hp industrial-quality gasoline engines
  • Heavy-duty unitized, welded steel plate frame
  • Maximum cutting depth of 5/8 in. with a cutting width of 8 in. and a 3 1/4-in. cutting proximity to a vertical wall
  • Screw-type, positive-locking depth selector
  • Includes a water-mist dust control fitting and 3-in. vacuum connection for further dust control
  • Booth #3735


General Equipment



  • Remove layers of paint, rust or build-up from concrete and steel surfaces
  • Can also be used to blend and feather areas, smooth concrete and remove graffiti
  • Mounts to drill, sander or grinder
  • Available in several sizes as well as shrouded for dust removal


Desmond-Stephan Mfg. Co.

T-12T Tilt-Bed Trailer


  • Low load angle
  • 82-in. load width, 8 6" overall
  • Deck cushion cylinder
  • 14- or 16-ft. deck
  • Torflex rubber-ride axle
  • Dual locking deck latch with handle
  • LED lights


Towmaster, Inc.

T70P Generator


  • 60 kw of power
  • Electronically controlled Tier III engine
  • Standard 110-percent spill containment
  • Hinged rear palnel and large engine bay doors
  • Standard permanent magnet generator and idle run
  • Booth #6152



UniLift Boom Lifts


The UniLift battery-powered, trailer-mounted boom lifts feature working heights up to 42 ft. with 360° effective coverage.

  • Telescopic and articulated models available
  • Enable quick conversion for use as a universal crane
  • Power jack setup option allows for quick, easy outrigger setup
  • Built-in charger with automatic shut-off
  • Unit weights less than 3,000 lbs. enable towing behind a pickup truck and easy maneuvering in and out of tight areas


LDC Industries, Inc.

V Series Vertical Light Tower


Allmand Bros. V Series vertical light tower configuration is an option for its Night-Lite PRO Series light towers.

  • Mast retracts and telescopes in and out of chassis
  • Compact design
  • Electric winch allows tower to be raised and lowered in 20 seconds
  • Integrated bunded tray and remote oil drain
  • Booth #655


Allmand Bros Inc.

X Air SC70 Portable Compressor


The 298-lb. X Air SC70 portable rotary screw compressor from CON X Equipment delivers 70 cfm at 100 psi and can operate up to a 90-lb.-class breaker.

  • Mounted on a sturdy frame with pneumatic tires for easy portability
  • 18-hp Honda V-twin engine with automatic speed control and manual and electric start
  • Detachable 5.5-gal. fuel tank


Con X Equipment Canada