Finding the Silver Linings

In challenging times, it’s important to look at the silver linings. After all, if we constantly focus on the negative, it’s almost a given that we will lose our sanity.

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Right now, I think it’s safe to say that we’re in the midst of an incredibly difficult time period. The world has shifted, and we’re faced with a lot of uncertainty. However, there are positives that have come out of this era and we would be remiss not to pay attention to even the smallest of silver linings 

For starters, our current predicament has sparked a tremendous need and desire for innovation. It reminds me of an Uncle Ben quote from Spider-Man: “With great power comes great responsibility.” For 2020, I’d say it’s more like, “With great challenges comes great innovation and responsibility.” 

When met with the challenges of COVID, companies shifted from making auto parts to creating masks and respirators. Manufacturers created new technologies to keep contractors, customers, and owners safe. People stepped up to the challenge, and innovations that weren’t necessarily on anyone’s radar are now helping hundreds, even thousands.  

That’s a big silver lining. Finding a problem and solving it in a new and unique way is one we can take from 2020 and implement more into our everyday lives. Look at our Editor’s Choice Awards winners. Though selected primarily by page views and reader interest, they’re also chosen for their innovation and benefit to the industry.  

We’ve also been forced to evaluate our proximity to others, with mandates increasing our physical distance. However, that’s created new opportunities for connection. We’re creating new relationships and bonds through virtual means (like video!), implementing new business practices and procedures, and have learned entirely new skills. Not to mention, we have a renowned sense of gratitude for meeting in person. Silver linings? Check.  

And lastly, many businesses have found new avenues of revenue and success despite COVID and its challenges. I’ve seen people in Facebook groups comment about their newly booming business. I’ve received emails and phone calls from business owners, saying business has never been better. Despite how scary and different 2020 has been, there are people that have exhibited fortitude and are succeeding. However, I know there are some who have not been so lucky. My wish for those people is to try and find any silver lining possible, as small as it may be, whether it’s hope, new opportunity, or gratitude. 

What’s a silver lining you’ve found or recognized lately? Do you need help finding one? Shoot me a message: 

Stay strong, stay smart, stay safe.    

Alexis Brumm