A Time of Change

Rental is happy to announce Alexis Brumm as its new editor.

Alexis Brumm
The new editor of Rental, Alexis Brumm.

So far, the year 2020 has been a crazy whirlwind unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Chock full of cancelled events, homeschooling, and businesses closing, there’s been nothing but change coming at us since March. 

I don’t mean to add to that ever-growing list, dear readers, but another change is here, as I’ve been hired as the new editor of Rental.

Let me briefly introduce myself. I’ve spent the last nine years in the media realm, focusing on variety of different construction markets. I’ve written about heavy equipment (and operated too!), the geospatial and surveying worlds, groundwater drilling, and lifting and access equipment. I’ve even dabbled in the asphalt repair equipment industry.  

I thoroughly enjoy traveling to events and trade shows, where I’m happy to get my boots dirty and love meeting all of you. I have a great fondness for connecting with people from across the globe, and, to be honest, I also really love events that include great food.  

Now, I’ve been tasked with upholding the same quality content you’ve always enjoyed, but I hope to add a twist. It’s my goal to add newengaging content and issue segments that will delight and inform. To add videos that both make you laugh and make you think. I want to aid in expanding your horizons, while also showing you how to make your business the strongest entity it can be.  

This giant change we’ve experienced the last few months has brought me to you, Rental readers and advertisers. To listen to you. To help you. To work with you. My proverbial door is always open. And that’s where you come in (literally and figuratively) 

Shoot me an email at [email protected] and let me know what I can do for you, what you would like to see in a future issue, and what you think I absolutely can’t miss! What topics do you want to see? Is there something you think others would benefit from? Have an idea for a video series? Want to talk about Star Wars? Or have you had the best donut of your life and you think I must try it too? I want it all.  

If this quarantine period has taught us anything, it’s that change can be a good thing in one way or another. I’m here to prove that to you.  

Stay strong, stay smart, stay safe.  

Alexis Brumm