Support Is More Than Answering the Phone

Information is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean it’s all good information. Count on National Flooring Equipment to be your Surface Prep resource and give you the information you need, when you need it.

*This content is sponsored by National Flooring Equipment*

In the age of information, it feels like no matter what question you have or problem you face, there’s so many resources out there. You can Google anything and get countless results. Or you can search for a video on YouTube and hope there’s a visual aid out there. Or you can find an expert’s phone number and call them on the spot. Or you can post on Facebook to ask your friends for help. And these few options barely scratch the surface.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one dependable go-to resource?

When it comes to the world of surface prep, National Flooring Equipment prides themselves in being that ultimate resource. Offering high quality, durable equipment, a wide selection of floor scraping and grinding tooling, in-person hands-on training, a wide variety of support videos, and a website to host manuals and other documents are just the start.

National builds some of the best ride-on and walk-behind floor scrapers in the business, and that build quality doesn’t stop there – it spans across the entire machine lineup. But no matter how great of a machine you have, without the proper tooling attached, you’re not going to outshine the competition. Whether you’re searching for a blade to remove carpet with your walk-behind scraper, a wood floor shank for your ride-on scraper, or tooling to quickly achieve a scarified finish with your Helix, you’ve got options.

So now you’ve ordered one of the best pieces of surface prep equipment on the planet, paired it with the perfect tooling, and are just waiting to take delivery. Help tame the excitement and make sure you’re ready for your investment by browsing the National Flooring Equipment YouTube Channel. Not only are there Start-Up Videos for many of their machines, but there’s tips and tricks, tooling discussions, recordings of trainings, demonstration videos and more. Can’t seem to find the video you’re looking for? No need to worry, send an email [email protected] to request a video.

YouTube isn’t the only place these videos exists - they also live alongside product manuals, maintenance and rental checklists, and many other support documents on the resource section of On your National Flooring Equipment machine, you’ll find a QR code that brings you to the resource page no matter where you are. On the jobsite at 2:00 am and need to access your manual? Writing up an estimate and struggling to determine how much tooling you’ll go through? Ready to decrease your battery-powered ride-on scraper charge time? The NFE Resource Page is the best place to find the answer to these questions and so much more.

All of these digital options are great but what if you just want to talk to a person? Or see the machine in action on one of your jobsites? Or to come to an in-person training and get some time with the machine? National has you covered (there seems to be a trend…). It’s easy, all you have to do is reach out. Call 800.245.0267 or fill out the contact form to speak directly with an NFE team member. You can ask questions about the equipment and tooling, request a jobsite visit, get info about the next training, and more.

When it comes to training, National offers a free in-person, hands-on machine training a few times a year at their training facility in Broomfield, Colorado. These trainings pack a lot of information into a few days, but each training is unique. There are always new questions being asked and new troubles attendees face so even the NFE team is surprised at each event. An attendee from the March 2018 Training put it perfectly, “Now we feel confident, not only in the proper operation of the equipment, but also in the required maintenance needed to ensure our investment lasts a long time and continues to make us money.” What more could you want from a training?

Whether have a question you can’t find the answer to, or you’re interested in a whole fleet of equipment and tooling, National Flooring Equipment hopes for the opportunity to become your ultimate surface prep resource.