Reliant AGM Batteries with C Max Designed for Deep Cycling

Electrolyte, cell and case construction aimed at deep cycling in an maintenance-free battery world formulated for dual-purpose or standby applications

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Reliant AGM with C-Max Technology is engineered to maximize sustained performance and increase total energy output to meet demanding deep-cycling requirements in Trojan’s wide range of market applications. 

Designed to power equipment used in locations where regulatory mandates require use of non-spillable batteries

Specifically engineered for deep-cycling applications

Dual-sided pasting process and superior quality control for exceptional quality and reliability

Exclusive C-Max Technology incorporates a proprietary paste formula, unique separator, special polymer case design and maximum flame arrestors for increased total energy output, maximized sustained performance, consistent quality, and enhanced durability

Brochure: Trojan Reliant AGM Batteries for Deep Cycling with C Max

Video: What is an AGM Battery, and What Distinguishes Trojan C Max?


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