Dri-Eaz LGR 6000Li

Breakthrough technology drives best-in-category LGR 6000Li performance

Dri-Eaz LGR 6000 Dehumidifier
Dri-Eaz LGR 6000 Dehumidifier

The new Dri-Eaz LGR 6000Li i-Series dehumidifier brings EDT (Extreme Dew Point Technology) to the industry, utilizing onboard sensors that maximize drying water removal by automatically responding to changing conditions.

  • The LGR 6000Li removes 100 pts. (47.3 L) per day at AHAM (80°F/60% RH), 204 pts. (96.5 L) per day at saturation (90°F/90% RH)
  • Provides the best low-grain drying in its category
  • Its variable CFM tops out at 330 CFM
  • Its QR-coded label links to product information and to the industry’s leading job documentation apps
  • When scanned from a phone or tablet, the system tracks on-the-job equipment and provides verified equipment performance data in select Next Gear Solutions applications
  • Within seconds, a contractor can scan multiple pieces of equipment into a room, getting feedback in real-time if they have added too little, too much or not enough equipment per industry standards, as shown in this video:  https://youtu.be/THJ5fbE6cKw
  • The 6000Li is ideal for moving up and down stairs on everyday restoration jobs
  • The unit’s compact size (only 100 lbs.), extended handle and large wheels make the unit easy to transport
  • The unit can be stacked two high for storage
  • Maintenance has been truly simplified removing just four bolts provides access to the coils and pump for maintenance
  • Unique self-contained pump system virtually eliminates spills when transporting the unit
  • The 6000Li features the time-saving i-Series control panel that displays accurate real-time GPP, inlet and outlet temp and RH
  • Operator can review drying conditions at a glance
  • The controller also provides maintenance prompts, to keep the unit operating at maximum efficiency at all times
  • In another industry first, the 6000Li features the four-in-one 4-Pro Filter system developed specifically for restoration
  • Expanded cellulose mesh captures the larger particles, while electrostatically charged polypropylene attracts and retains smaller particles
  • In addition, activated carbon absorbs odors and fumes, and antimicrobial-treated layers help prevent bacterial growth on the filter and associated odors
  • These four components preserve dehumidifier efficiency and helps protect operators and occupants
  • The LGR 6000Li is sold and serviced by the industry’s largest network of distributors in North America

To learn more, visit 6000.DriEaz.com

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