Mobile Ergonomic Handlers

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The Mobile Ergonomic Handlers are designed to pick, place and install heavy glass, curtain walls, granite and sheet rock to 4,000 lbs.

  • Manipulator system provides up to 16 directions of powered movement to enable seamless handling and precision installation procedures
  • Many lifting and gripping systems available including vacuum frame adjustable to fit all glass units regardless of frame patterns and depths
  • Most models fit into commercial passenger elevators and through standard doors to permit indoor multi-story operation

Arlington Equipment manufactures a complete line of patented Mobile Ergonomic Handlers with the muscle to handle and install heavy glass to 2,000 lbs. Contractors and fabricators are using these machines for installation projects and in shop handling. Most models fit into passenger elevators and through man doors. The manipulator operates in 16 directions of powered motions and provides robot-like micromotion precision. The vacuum lift frame is adjustable to fit any window and frame configuration. MEH's install heavy glass and curtain walls from the inside of multi-story buildings. They do not require special permits, work year round regardless of weather and substantially reduce labor costs. Power options: Some models include battery electric, gasoline, propane or diesel.

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