Fuchs MHL360 E Material Handler

Terex Fuchs Mhl360 E Material 10860235
Terex 10835350

The Terex Fuchs MHL360 E material handler features an energy recovery feature that feeds braking energy back into the main hydraulic pump as the operator slows slewing of the upper structure to reduce load on the engine. The new hydraulic system also delivers up to 20% faster load cycles over the D-Series.

  • 6-cylinder, 254-hp turbo-charged engine; meets Tier 4 Interim emissions standards
  • High-performance hydraulic system with separate slewing circuit allowing machine swiveling to quickly start and stop
  • Simultaneous swiveling and lifting functions 
  • Wide Video Graphics Array (WVGA) color display is 23% larger than previous designs includes a high-resolutions and high contrast screen with antiglare shield and scratch-resistant coating
  • Standard rear-view camera system
  • Hydraulically height-adjustable cab with max eye-level elevation of 20.1 ft. above ground
  • Independent forward movement of cab up to 7.2 ft.
  • Inverted hydraulic boom cylinder mounting for protection from debris
  • Rigid hydraulic pipes on stick, boom and undercarriage protect against damage
  • Rugged double-row slewing ring design disperses forces over two rows of bearings
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