LTR 1220 Telescopic Crawler Crane

Hydraulically extendable crawler tracks adjust for travel and lifting operations

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With a rated lifting capacity of 242 US tons and a 197-ft. telescopic boom, the LTR 1220 is reported to be the largest telescopic boom crawler crane in the Americas.

  • Telescopic boom with Telematik telescoping system can be extended or retracted in just seven minutes
  • Further reach achieved via a biparted swing-away jib (40 to 72.8 ft.) and available lattice sections
  • Hoist gears provide 23,600 lbs. of cable pull force for fast line speeds and quick lifting
  • Tracks' 14-ft. 9-in. travel width can be hydraulically extended to an intermediate width of 19 ft. 3 in. or full width of 23 ft. 9 in. for lifting operations
  • LICCON 2 computer includes load charts for all three crawler widths
  • Powered by a 312-hp diesel engine with 960 lbs.-ft. of torque
  • No assist crane or team of riggers needed for assembly, and the boom can stay on for transport
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