Genie Access Manager for Lift Connect Telematics

New Access Manager retrofits to Genie Lift Connect telematics solutions, allowing rental companies the option to remotely manage access to their fleet

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Rental companies now have the option to remotely manage access to their fleet by utilizing Access Manager, a new add-on feature that works with Genie Lift Connect telematics. Any unit equipped with Lift Connect can be retrofitted to include Access Manager, improving the security of equipment on the jobsite. 

“When a unit is equipped with Access Manager, an operator must enter a code before they can start that unit, ensuring that only authorized operators can operate the machine. Not only does this provide greater security for equipment, it also can help ensure only trained operators have codes,” says Christine Zeznick, Genie director of product and business development, Telematics, Terex AWP.

Access Manager assigns a unique code that can be randomly generated or personally selected, like an ATM pin code, to an individual operator through the Lift Connect portal. That operator can then be assigned to specific equipment. The unit can be started only when an operator enters an authorized code on the Access Manager keypad, or when they use an authorized Access Manager RFID card, which can be purchased separately. Because Access Manager is designed for jobsite use, the keypad has been intentionally designed with durable, tactile buttons that are easily pushed even if the user is wearing work gloves.

Any machine that currently has an active Lift Connect subscription and a CAN control system will have the ability to use the new Remote Disable functionality. Remote Disable, which is separate from Access Manager, will allow the equipment owner to remotely disable or enable operation of their equipment through the Lift Connect portal, providing equipment owners additional opportunities to remotely manage and secure their fleets.

Access Manager will be available beginning late Q1 2021 in countries where Lift Connect is currently approved.

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