JLG to Discontinue Rear-Pivot Steer Telehandler Models

Beginning in 2010, the G6-42P, 534D9-45, 534D10- 45 and 544D10-55 will no longer be part of the JLG branded family of telehandlers.

MCCONNELLSBURG, PA - JLG Industries, Inc. announces that it will discontinue the manufacturing of its four rear-pivot steer telehandler models.  Beginning in 2010, the G6-42P, 534D9-45, 534D10-45 and 544D10-55 will no longer be part of the JLG branded family of telehandlers.   

"The market for rear-pivot steer telehandler models has been in decline for the last several years.  The decreased demand for these units, combined with the continuing burden placed on manufacturers to comply with increasingly stringent EPA engine standards, lead us to the decision to discontinue these four niche models," says Brian Boeckman, JLG industries product parent for telehandlers. "Our customers can rest assured that JLG will continue to support machines in the field with the same level of parts and service available today for many years to come. JLG will focus its resources on developing and maintaining the products and services that bring the most value to our customers." 

JLG will continue to manufacture the JLG branded G5-18A, 619A, 723A, G6-42A, G9-43A, G10-43A, G10-55A and G12-55A.  Programs will be put in place to provide customers with access to rebuild / reconditioned rear-pivot steer units long after the last new units are manufactured, as part of JLG Ground Support, aftermarket support program.

Unlike the other eight models in the JLG branded family, rear-pivot telehandlers provide 90-degree rear-pivot steering with the two rear wheels.  This feature differentiates these models from a market that is dominated by four-wheel steer models.  The market for these niche models has been regionally focused and has continued to retract over the past several years.

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