Neff White Paper Offers Method for Deciding to Rent or Buy

30-year equipment manager Andy Agoos suggests key costs and utilization metrics that make the rent-vs-buy choice clear

Neff Rental, one of the largest construction equipment rental companies in the U.S., published "Trends in Owning vs. Renting Construction Equipment," a white paper written by Andy Agoos. Agoos is an equipment manager with more than 30 years experience and has managed fleets as large as 15,000 units. He has been responsible for equipment decisions at two of America’s largest construction contractors, and vice president of fleet for Neff. 

The document outlines a method for evaluating the equipment purchase vs. rental decision on a piece-by-piece basis. The objective is to provide contractors with a tool to optimize their equipment plan and use of capital.

Agoos contends that by evaluating key costs and utilization metrics, the rent-vs.-buy decision becomes clear. In this whitepaper you will learn how to properly evaluate:

  • Equipment utilization
  • Cost of ownership
  • Financial Flexibility
  • Fleet maintenance

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