Silent Power

Wacker offers new quieter, more durable mobile generator line

Wacker is introducing a new line of mobile generators: the G 25, G 50, G 70 and G 85 models designed to provide single- and three-phase power for construction, commercial and industrial applications. Manufactured at Wacker's facility in Menomonee Falls, WI, this new lineup of generators features lower sound emissions, improved motor starting, a more durable design and the flexibility to offer various factory-installed options.

Sound reduction: By using advanced sound mapping technology, some of the new models' sound levels are as low as conversational speech.

Motor starting: Motor starting ability has been improved because of a new generator end with a separate excitation winding.

Durability: The new generator line also offers all stainless-steel external hardware and hinges and galvanized door handles. The rear intake vent panel is treated with an automotive-grade corrosion-resistant coating and a one-piece integral lifting structure eliminates external hardware.

Options: The generators have a modular skid design to allow for an optional fluid containment system. Designed for use in the arctic/sub-arctic environments of Canada and Alaska, a cold weather module is available with a special package to keep the units in top performance all year long. The cold weather package includes:

  • Temperature activated shutters
  • Electronic governor
  • LCD strip heater
  • Lube level maintainer with low-oil shutdown
  • Low coolant shutdown
  • Block heater
  • These options can be ordered separately or in any combination.

    Another feature on the new mobile generator line is a digital engine/generator controller with LCD display. This panel monitors generator output, battery voltage, coolant temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, engine speed and engine hours for accurate operating information. The LCD is designed to eliminate troubleshooting time by providing the temperature, engine over speed or under speed and low fuel level. The unit also features automatic remote starting for temporary standby applications.