Allmand Maxi-Power Mobile Generators

Seven easily maneuverable models range in output from 25- to 150-kV amps

Allmand Maxi Power 25 Rr

Allmand's Maxi-Power Mobile Generators include seven easily maneuverable models offering 33.3- to 190-hp engines and generating from 20 to 120 kW of prime power.

  • Heavy-duty, over-sized alternator with separate excitation winding provides the capacity to start large motors and handle variable loads
  • Easily switch between 50- and 60-Hz frequencies
  • All models adjust between 120, 240 and 277 volts in single-phase power and 208, 240, 415 or 480 volts in three-phase
  • Electronic governor maintains engine speed independent of the load for consistent power
  • Include an automatic voltage regulator, programmable start and stop capabilities, external fuel connections, lockable switch voltage selector and 120-volt GFCI receptacle
  • 15-in. tires for longer wear and greater towing capacities

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