Vanair PowerFlex Products Deliver Modular Capability

Modular power sources provide the ability to add or subtract components to meet specific needs

PowerFlex HPU
PowerFlex HPU

The PowerFlex line consists of modular builds of Tier 4-compliant air compressors, generators and hydraulic power units capable of meeting the exact needs of customers.

  • Diesel engine-driven HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) with variable-displacement pump provides up to 13 gpm for aerial devices and hydraulic cranes, plus 250 amps of DC charging capabilities to power vehicle lights, communication equipment and other auxiliary needs
  • AE model comes with a compressor providing 40 cfm at 150 psi plus a 6,800W AC generator, the AH includes the compressor and an integrated hydraulic tank that provides 13 gpm at 3000 psig and the AEH comes with the compressor, generator and hydraulic capabilities
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