Quipli Releases V2

Quipli's Platform 2.0 is designed specifically for the needs of independent equipment rental companies.

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Quipli was built to empower independent rental companies. It offers rental company owners an “out of the box” solution to tackling their most pressing challenges like staying on top of orders and managing their inventory, all while dramatically enhancing the rental experience for their customers. The platform encompasses a suite of powerful features, including an e-commerce storefront, inventory management, payment and billing systems, invoicing, service and repair management, marketing services, and reporting and analytics tools. The initial rental version (1.0) was designed for broad use rental (equipment, event, boat, ATV, etc.), while the launch of Platform 2.0 is designed specifically for the needs of independent equipment rental companies. For rental company owners: Quipli gives them back their time and reduces the stress that comes with running an equipment rental business. It streamlines daily operations, simplifies workflows, and centralizes key functionalities, reducing manual effort, improving efficiency, and enhancing overall business management. For renters: Quipli gives them a significantly better end-to-end rental experience.  The e-commerce storefront, online reservation system, and one-click digital quote features provide convenience and accessibility, enabling customers to easily browse and reserve equipment at their convenience, saving time and effort. One notable competitive differentiator of Quipli is its commitment to top-notch security and outstanding customer support. With a quick response time of just five minutes during business hours, Quipli offers chat, phone, email, and text support to assist rental companies promptly and address any issues or questions that may arise, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and support.

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