Bottom Dump Trailer

Xl Specialized Bottom Dump Tra 11322782

Ideal for hauling and dumping gravel and other composite materials, the XL Bottom Dump trailer has a length of 40 feet with a side height of 9 feet, 2 inches with 10-foot boards.

  • Weighing in at 12,750 lbs. that includes a tarp and push-block, unit’s capacity is 25 cu. yds.
  • Upper hopper is 53 in. high with a 96" by 193" opening, and is made of 10-gauge steel and is prep for flip and go tarp system
  • Single lower hopper is 59" by 118" and is made of ASTM A-572 steel
  • Both have reinforced side walls for added strength and stability
  • To maneuver over large piles, an oscillating fifth wheel pivots as needed with an 18-in. kingpin setting
  • Available in late fall of 2014


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