Autocar Introduces DC-64D Severe-Duty Class 8 Truck

Autocar builds custom trucks designed to fit the exact needs of construction body requirements that improve job performance, safety, and maximize uptime.

The DC-64D is engineered specifically for the demands of a dump truck and general construction use.
The DC-64D is engineered specifically for the demands of a dump truck and general construction use.
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When designing the Autocar DC-64D, the company sought direct input from industry experts  to design a severe-duty truck specifically for construction applications. 

Autocar works directly with the customer to engineer the truck specific to their application, then works closely with the body company for additional pre-body engineering to enable a seamless integration. “Our direct-to-customer, pre-engineered approach, has simplified the integration of post-production equipment while committing to operational excellence and life-of-the-truck support.," says Tim Thornton, vice president of strategy and commercialization at Autocar. 

The Autocar DC delivers noticeable performance differences including, better stability, tighter turning radius, greater frame strength, and overall custom engineering. One of the greatest differences of the DC is the 325 degrees of visibility from the driver’s seat, with 4,982 sq.-in. of viewable glass area,. The trademark Autocar wrap-around windshield with tucked-in A-pillars maximizes the forward visibility for safety.

With its ultra-high-strength, 160,000-psi steel frame rails, the Autocar DC handles up to 1,700 lb.-ft. of torque and an 80,000-lb. towing capacity. Each model offers both diesel and CNG/LNG fuel options.

The DC-64D is engineered specifically for the demands of a dump truck and general construction use. The DC-64M is purpose built for mixers, with specialized frame rails, suspension, cab, and electrical features to withstand the challenges of mixer operations. Both models provide exceptional side-to-side and upward visibility, thanks to its wide, curved, and steeply raked windshield.

The Autocar ACX XPEDITOR cabover engine model offers 4X2, 6X4, and 8X4 format options. The cab's rivetless construction requires less maintenance, and the extra-thick front panel reduces damage from the toughest work conditions. It is built from material stiffer than aluminum to extend the productive life of the truck.

The Autocar ACMD XPERT  Class 7/Class 8 package is suited for a wide range of vocational applications—big enough to comfortably fit a three-man crew, but sized for maneuvering through narrow alleys, tight parking lots, and busy streets.

No one knows what you need for your business better than you do. That is why Autocar Trucks are not built like other cookie-cutter trucks. Autocar Trucks are spec'd differently, engineered, built, and supported with one goal in mind: to keep your concrete or construction operation Always Up - and making money.

Downtime is costly, which is why the DC-64M comes standard with a 7-in. Smart Display. Built in diagnostics help technicians get a truck back on the job faster by providing electrical diagnostics reports, access to service intervals, bodybuilder and operator manuals, and access to 3D schematics, all with one touch on the display.

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