Peterbilt and Dana Announce Collaboration on Electric Truck Powertrain Development

Peterbilt will integrate Dana’s Spicer Electrified e-propulsion system into its 220EV chassis.

220 Tenet 1 2

Peterbilt Motors Company and Dana today announced their collaboration on electric powertrain development for Peterbilt Model 220EV battery electric vehicles. Peterbilt will integrate Dana’s Spicer Electrified e-propulsion system into its 220EV chassis. The truck will also be equipped with two battery packs and an on-board charger.

The 220EV features a range between 100 and 200 miles. Using the vehicle’s DC fast-charging system, the state-of-the-art, high-energy density battery packs can recharge in about an hour, making the 220EV ideal for local pickup and delivery, as well as short regional haul operations.

            “Peterbilt continues to lead the charge by providing the industry’s largest lineup of electric vehicles.  By using the Dana electric powertrain for the Model 220EV in the Medium Duty pick-up and delivery market, we will be ready to meet the growing demand of our customers who want to incorporate zero-emissions vehicles into this application,” said Jason Skoog, PACCAR Vice President and Peterbilt General Manager.

            “We are pleased to collaborate with Peterbilt by providing the complete e-powertrain, including the integration, and upfit for the Model 220EV electric vehicle,” said Mark Wallace, president of Commercial Vehicle Drive Technologies for Dana. “Combining Peterbilt’s advanced technologies with our own expertise in delivering end-to-end turnkey electric systems, will result in highly-efficient solutions that will lead to low total cost of ownership.”