VIA Motors Drives Away with Work Truck Show 2012 Green Award

eREV power train enables work trucks to drive a majority of their daily work routes entirely on electric power

VIA Motors has won The Work Truck Show 2012 Green Award for its full-size extended range electric vehicle (EREV) work trucks. VIA displayed a pickup truck and cargo van equipped with the company's proprietary eREV power train technology at The Work Truck Show 2012, which was held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, March 6−8.

The Green Award is presented to the Work Truck Show exhibitor with the product that best advances fuel utilization. The winner is selected by a panel of trade media editors and fleet managers at the show. There were more than 20 entries in this year's competition.

Work trucks equipped with VIA's eREV power train are able to drive a majority of their daily work routes emission-free and entirely on electric power. They have up to 40 miles of all-electric range using lithium ion batteries, and can drive unlimited additional miles using the onboard electric generator or "range extender." The vehicles can be charged from a typical 110V household outlet overnight. In independent testing, VIA reports that its eREV pickup trucks have demonstrated up to 100 mpg in typical fleet driving.

"VIA is pleased to receive the 2012 Green Award and to be recognized for the significant leap ahead in fuel efficiency and emissions our eREV technology offers full-size working vehicles," said Kraig Higginson, CEO, VIA Motors. "Working fleets can meet or exceed future CAFE standards today, and the good news is, VIA's clean trucks actually cost less to own and operate than a conventional truck or van."