HercuLoc Truck Bed Cover

Herculoc Cover 1 10682220

This truck bed cover is designed for Ford and GM full-size pickup trucks and utilizes a manual lift system to move the top up and out of the way.

  • Allows access to bed from all sides
  • Provides shade over the tailgate
  • Top automatically locks into up position allowing truck to be driven with the top raised
  • Torsion bars assisted with Gas springs lift the upper frame
  • Lift system made of 12-gauge steel and is zinc plated to prevent rust or corrosion
  • 1/2-in. reinforced honeycomb fiberglass adds strength
  • Curved top provides 8-in. extra above the bed rails at the center of the bed
  • When raised, top is 32 in. above the bed rails
  • When closed, top frame locks in all four corners to the bottom frame, which is bolted to the bed rail
  • Back frame designed to prevent tailgate from opening when top is in locked down position
  • Barrel type lock and key with a paddle latch
  • Fiberglass top is gel-coated to be stronger than paint
  • Available in red, black, white or grey