Top 10 Most-Read Construction Stories: Week of August 24

Jobsite racism stalls Vegas convention expansion, is COVID-19 work-related insured? best practices to cut construction waste, how toll road leasing could fund infrastructure

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This week’s addition to a rash of potential hate crimes on high-profile construction sites reflect civil unrest for social justice and underscore underrepresentation of blacks in the construction workforce. A flow chart to help you determine if an employee’s COVID-19 case is recordable or reportable. Tips to protect wedge anchor threads. How your construction business can compete online, and why you should. These stories and more captured contractor readers’ attention this week on

Concrete Chute10. How to Reduce the Cost of Concrete Production

The National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA) estimates 3-5% of ready-mix concrete deliveries in the U.S. are rejected at the job site for various reasons, such as not meeting specifications

Ooda Loop9. Using the Military’s OODA Loop to Improve Construction Safety

Safety huddles that make a difference on construction projects exercise the workforce’s ability to Observe, Orient, Decide and Act quickly, effectively and safely

Liberty8. In the Shadow of Lady Liberty

The use of precast concrete in the design and construction of the Statue of Liberty Museum creates perfect solution for logistics, sustainability, durability and aesthetics

Concrete Anchor7. Tips to Protect Wedge Anchor Threads

Damaging the threads on a concrete anchor during installation is a common cause of escalating costs and diminishing longevity of applications

6. Why Your Construction Business Needs to Compete Online and How to Do It

In this Digging Deeper podcast Gearflow offers tips on online marketing for your business

John Glenn Airport5. Dugan & Meyers Paves Way for New Rental Car Facility at Columbus Airport

As the number of annual passengers climbed toward 9 million, the John Glenn International Airport established plans to meet the growing demand for nonstop flights

4. Study Shows States Can Lease Toll Roads to Fund Infrastructure, Pay Off Debt

Amid recession and plummeting revenues, monetizing state-owned toll roads can fund needed transportation projects or pay off debt and other liabilities

29086475368 5fa0bb0ba0 C3. Best Practices for Cost-Saving Construction Waste Management

Today's economy makes it time to understand the importance of recycling construction debris to save project costs and keep landfills from overflowing

2. Is COVID-19 “Work-Related,” Covered Under Insurance?

How do you know if an employee’s COVID-19 case considered recordable or reportable?

1. Vandalism of Black Foreman’s Office Stops Work at Las Vegas Convention Center Jobsite

Latest crime in a rash of "racially motivated damage" on construction sites helps explain why an industry starving for labor employs just half of the available black workers