World of Asphalt Comes to Music City

The 2016 show will be held March 22-24 in Nashville, TN

World of Asphalt 2016 returns to Nashville, TN along with the co-located AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo March 22-24, 2016 at the Music City Center.
World of Asphalt 2016 returns to Nashville, TN along with the co-located AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo March 22-24, 2016 at the Music City Center.

World of Asphalt 2016 will be held in Nashville, TN, along with the co-located AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo March 22-24 at the Music City Center. The industry's leading manufacturers and service providers in the aggregate, asphalt, pavement maintenance and traffic safety industry sectors come together at World of Asphalt to showcase their latest products and technologies.

The World of Asphalt education program will feature learning opportunities with leading industry experts to discuss the latest safety, management/leadership, plant, paving, pavement preservation, renewable energy and technological issues affecting the asphalt industry. Some highlights include:

People, Plants and Paving Training Sessions

From Tuesday, March 22 – Thursday, March 24, 2016, World of Asphalt will present training and education sessions for conference attendees. Designed for paving contractors of all sizes, the People, Plants and Paving Training Program tackles the latest industry innovations in safety, recycling, maintenance and plant production. Sessions also address management and leadership skills crucial for successful business operations.

People - Focuses on the important skills necessary to manage and coach personnel to their maximum performance.

    • Session We’re Attending: #T12 Taking the High Road: Good Community Relations for the Asphalt Industry. Asphalt and aggregate companies offer a lot to our communities. Yet their contributions to modern society's quality of life are not understood by the general public, and rarely communicated. This session focuses on how to improve your company’s image and recognition in your community.

Plants - Experts will discuss how to evaluate and improve plant performance and to keep the plant operating at peak levels.

    • Session We’re Attending: #T22 Plant Preventative Maintenance to Reduce Operating Costs. A well executed preventative maintenance program is critical to ensuring the lowest possible plant operations costs. High quality replacement wear parts can be expensive but unscheduled breakdowns and poorly operating equipment are more so. A plant that is "down" or underperforming in the middle of the season brings in little or no revenue.

 Paving - Learn important techniques to construct safe and smooth quality pavements at optimum efficiency and enhanced profitability.

    • Session We’re Attending: #T23 Using Technology to Stay Ahead in the Asphalt Industry. Asphalt companies have embraced revolutions in technologies to increase operational efficiencies and save money. This session will explore the use of innovative technologies to improve efficiency, productivity, and strengthen the bottom line. These technologies include paperless technologies, UAV's for inventory management and 3D paving.

 Pavement Preservation - Learn techniques used to extend the life of pavements such as seal coats, in-place recycling and crack sealing.

    • Session We’re Attending: #T27 Where In-Place Recycling Fits into Pavement Maintenance. The in-place recycling techniques of hot in-place recycling, cold recycling (cold in-place and cold central plant) and full depth reclamation are maintenance/rehabilitation techniques that provide cost effective solutions when applied to the right pavement at the right time. This session will provide the attendee with an overview of recycling techniques and the types of pavement problems that in-place recycling can address and discuss the technical resources available for successful implementation. Other sessions will detail specific recycling approaches.

Safety - Presenters will discuss the latest innovations and strategies used to keep crews and plant operators safe.

    • Session We’re Attending: #W18 Complying with OSHA's Silica Rule. OSHA's Silica Rule or Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) was proposed in 2013 and will likely be finalized early in 2016. The asphalt pavement industry has been proactive in understanding the impacts this rule will have on work practices especially as they relate to roadway milling and brooming operations. Working in an industry/government/labor partnership, milling machine manufacturers are implementing voluntary engineering controls that reduce potential silica-bearing dust below any regulatory threshold. However, because of its potential health impact and because control of silica dust is one of OSHA's high priorities, the asphalt pavement industry continues to devote resources in exposure identification and reduction.

Environmental Health & Safety - Obtain the tools, best practices and innovations to build a world class EH&S culture.  These sessions are tailored to the EH&S professionals at asphalt plants and sites.

    • Session We’re Attending: #T18 Positioning Asphalt Plants for Upcoming Environmental Regulations: Ozone, NOx, and US Waters Definition. Choosing the extent of resources to devote to potentially upcoming environmental regulations can be challenging. Two mainstream environmental regulations, in various stages of finalization, present such a challenge to the industry. EPA's proposed ozone air standard, which could cap a plant's nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, would impact plant burner fuel source utilization. Similarly, EPA's latest definition of what constitutes a "water of the U.S." also has potential impact across the industry.

More Exhibitors Than Ever:

World of Asphalt features over 400 exhibitors that offer a broad array of the newest products, technologies and services. Check out the following pages and make note of the booth numbers of products and companies that interest you.

Be sure to look for Asphalt Contractor in booth #3226!