Anton Paar Acquires Petrotest Group

The two companies signed the purchase contract on February 28.

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Anton Paar - a provider of high-precision measuring instruments in the field of density and concentration measurement, determination of dissolved CO2, rheology and material characterization of surfaces – has acquired the Petrotest Group.

Petrotest and Anton Paar signed the purchase contract on February 28. Petrotest will now be called “Petrotest GmbH, a company of Anton Paar” and continue operations at its headquarters in Dahlewitz, Germany, near Berlin. An expansion of the premises is planned.

The acquisition of the Petrotest Group represents the largest purchase in the history of AntonPaar. In 1996 Anton Paar acquired Physica Messtechnik GmbH in Stuttgart. This is now managed as Anton Paar Germany GmbH, a 100% subsidiary. In 2006, Anton Paar purchased the Graz-based company MSB Morocutti GmbH, which is now integrated into the Anton Paar Group as Anton Paar ShapeTec GmbH. 2007 saw the acquisition of Dr.Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH in Seelze-Letter, Germany, which is now Anton Paar OptoTecGmbH.

The new 100% subsidiary, the 17th in the Anton Paar Group, will be managed byFlorian Wierzbicki, the former commercial manager of Petrotest, and Heinz Kindlhofer, Business Development Manager at Anton Paar.

Petrotest is a family company with a long tradition. It was established in 1873 by Berthold Pensky. The company became well-known for producing equipment for determining the flashpoint of petroleum products using the Pensky-Martens method. Customers are renowned and globally active refineries, manufacturers of biofuel, vehicles and bitumen, companies inthe chemical industry, beverage industry and food industry, among others. For the last 33 years, Petrotest has been successfully managed by Volkmar Wierzbicki.

“Petrotest’s products are an ideal complement to Anton Paar’s product portfolio," says Dr. Friedrich Santner, CEO of Anton Paar GmbH. "The combination of existing technologies from both companies results in a promising synergy effect and allows the development of new measuring instruments. Our strategic aim is clear: by providing a comprehensive range of measuring instruments for laboratories in the oil industry, we want to become the preferred partner of our customers in a wider field."

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