NAPA's Diamond Commendation Program Reaches Milestone in 2014

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Last year, asphalt plants in all 50 states earned Diamond Achievement Commendations, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and best practices. It was the first time since the launch of the Diamond Commendation program in 1999 that every state in the nation has at least one Diamond Achievement facility.

In total, 776 asphalt mix production facilities across the United States and Canada earned the Diamond Achievement Commendation, which focuses on best practices for plant operations, environmental compliance, and community relations. Of these, 222 facilities earned the new Diamond Achievement Sustainable Commendation, which recognizes those facilities that have made even greater strides in incorporating the principles of long-term environmental, social, and economic sustainability into their operations.

Also, 220 facilities earned a Diamond Quality Commendation, which helps ensure a high level of quality for pavement material produced by a plant. Finally, 34 paving divisions earned the Diamond Paving Commendation, which encourages and recognizes excellence in paving operations.

“The Diamond Commendation program encourages continuous improvement. It is a way for asphalt plants to benchmark their operations, and it provides a blueprint for how to improve them,” said NAPA 2014 Chairman William C. Ensor III. “These commendations help a facility gain recognition for being a good, conscientious operator while also providing guidelines to help make it an even better neighbor.”

Starting in 2015, the Diamond Commendation Program, operated by the National Asphalt Pavement Association, will expand to include the Diamond Terminal Commendation, which provides asphalt cement storage facilities a means to benchmark their operations and determine areas for improvement.

The 2015 Diamond Commendation program will begin accepting applications, including for the new Diamond Terminal Commendation, on April 1, 2015. Additional information and the application process can be found at