GAC Roll Puller

roll pullers for ease unloading of paving fabrics

Roll Pullertruck
Ga Clogoblack

Models RP4XL and RP3XL roll pullers make pulling rolls of geotextile and other synthetics from trucks, vans and containers easier and safer. RP4XL is 4 inches longer and has a new patent-pending notched tooth design. The notched tooth bunches up the cardboard together adding considerable strength when pulling three banded rolls together.

  • RP4XL for cores from 3.75 inches to 4.5-inches
  • RP3XL pulls rolls with cores from 2.75 inches to 3.25 inches
  • Two to five multiple can pull up to 21 rolls in one 3-minute operation
  • RP4XL inserts deeper in the cardboard core eliminating tearing
  • Protects workers from injuries
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