Perma Stor Silo System

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Maxam's Perma Stor hotmix silos automatically evacuate all oxygen from the silo upon shutdown, eliminating oxidation and coking.

  • Inert gas displaces all air in the silo and mix voids, and a liquid seal is formed at the discharge gate to ensure no air seeps in
  • Shuttle Transporter eliminates all bintop conveyors and the requirement to have a batcher on each silo; design reduces maintenance, eliminates all oblique movement, is easily vented to eliminate blue smoke and is retrofittable
  • System can accommodate up to 10 silos over two truck scales or 15 silos over three scales
  • Takes only 12 hp to operate a 10-silo system at 500 tph
  • Troo Loc double-seal gates seal the silo and batcher openings when not loading providing safety and preventing blue smoke from escaping
  • Touch screen controls are automatic
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