DIN Rail Weight Transmitter with PLC Connectivity

201 Weight Transmitter 10983540
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Cardinal Scale’s model 201 weight transmitter is a fast, accurate instrument for process control-based static and dynamic weighing applications.

  • Capable of powering up to eight 350-ohm load cells
  • Comes with a 35-mm DIN rail mounting bracket
  •  0.5-inch-high, six-digit, transflective LCD display with up to seven different colors
  • ColorZONE control options make it ideal for quick visual verification of weight status
  • Offers sample rates of up to 200 samples per second
  • Standard communication protocols include serial interface RS232/RS485, mini USB-B, Analog (0-10V or 4-20mA), Ethernet TCP/IP, EIP, and Modbus TCP, making it easy to connect to a PC, PLC, and other smart devices
  • Four programmable digital inputs and outputs are included
  • The 4-in W x 4.2-in H x 1.9-in D compact size uses very little panel space
  • Enclosure can be DIN rail mounted with the display either internal or remotely mounted on the face of the cabinet
  • The 201 weight indicator is both NTEP and Measurement Canada certified for legal-for-trade applications and is UL listed and CE certified
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