There Are Faces Behind the Barrels: Please Be Alert in Work Zones

During National Work Zone Awareness Week, and always, we need to remember there are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, best friends and children behind each orange barrel we pass on the roadway. Pay Attention. Slow Down. Move Over. Safe a Life.

Each year, there are over 750 work zone fatalities. In 2019, 135 construction workers lost their lives in these crashes due to distracted driving. 

Our industry can work diligently day in and day out to keep our crews safe, but it only takes one second of distracted driving to change all of that. The traveling public needs to understand that there are faces behind each barrel. Fathers, mothers, brothers, grandparents, best friends. Real people just trying to do their jobs and get home to their families at the end of each day. 

Please. Pay Attention. Slow Down. Move Over. Save a Life.