When Did You Last Visit Your Business Plan?

December is National Write a Business Plan Month, take advantage of a slower construction season to revisit your business plan

Spend some time before the end of the year writing or updating your company's business plan.
Spend some time before the end of the year writing or updating your company's business plan.

December is National Write a Business Plan Month. "So what?" you say. "My company already has a business plan."

Well that's good. But when was the last time you viewed your business plan and reviewed to make sure it's still applicable for your current and future plans for your company? Maybe you don't need to write a new business plan, but it doesn't hurt to consider updating your business plan.

When was your business plan written? Do you still have the same future goals for your company as you did then? Has your core business changed or evolved since your business plan was written? Has the economy over the last decade rendered part of your business plan obsolete?

Most businesses are evolving, especially in construction as technology is changing how the industry builds and does business. Make sure you have an evolving business plan that can keep you on track now and for the foreseeable future.

December is an opportune time to revisit your business plan. For most of the country, the end of the year is a slower construction season. It's also a time of year many business owners sit down and take a look back on the last year and a look into the upcoming year. What better time is there to revisit and maybe rewrite your business plan?

Don't have a business plan? Well, you should. Use National Write a Business Plan Month as a motivator to get yours started.

Here are a few additional resources from ForConstructionPros.com to help you write your first or update your existing business plan.

Just for fun

Ok, we know there are some obvious holidays and special observances celebrated in December, but here are a few more obscure ones you might want to add into your celebrations this month.

  • Dec. 4 - National Wear Brown Shoes Day (sorry black shoes)
  • Dec. 8 - National Brownie Day
  • Dec. 13 - Ice Cream Day
  • Dec. 16 - National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
  • Dec. 21 - Humbug Day (also it's Look on the Bright Side Day, for those that don't want to Humbug)
  • Dec. 30 - Bacon Day (anyone else think this should be every day?)

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