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Tips to make it easier to find Pavement magazine and pavement maintenance-specific pages on the internet

Cygnus Business Media kicked off a new website last fall -- -- and it's become the go-to site for just about the entire construction industry. But, partly because there's so much to find there, we've heard from contractors that it can be difficult to navigate to find what you want.

So here are a few tips to help you keep your focus on Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction magazine and the paving and pavement maintenance industry, to help you navigate to the places that interest you most. Once you get there, just create a bookmark so it's easy to find your way back.

First, to find daily updated information specific to the paving & pavement maintenance industry:

1. Go to

2. Click on "Pavement Maintenance" in the lime-green bar.

3. This takes you to what is essentially the paving & pavement maintenance industry "home page," so bookmark it. This page features a carousel with four industry-specific stories that are updated on a regular basis. As you scroll down the page you will also be able to access the most recent industry news, the most-popular articles on the pavement maintenance part of the website, Pavement's online exclusive articles, and additional articles often related to articles in the current issue of the magazine.

If you want to read my Roundabout blog, once you get to click on "Blogs" in the black bar and scroll down until you see Roundabout (go ahead, bookmark it). The current blog starts there and a click on Roundabout takes you to all past blogs.

Getting to the current issue of Pavement is pretty easy. You can just enter in your browser and that directs to the most recent issue. If you are already in the ForConstructionPros siteand want to find the most recent issue:

* Click on "Magazines" in the black bar

* Scroll down to Pavement magazine (bookmark this location) and click on "Current Issue"

Why are we reminding you of this now? Because one pavement maintenance contractor who is a registered user of For will receive a $1000 gift card in a random drawing of all registered users. To register just click on the blue "Register" button at the top of the home page, it's as easy as that. The $1000 card will be awarded at National Pavement Expo, Feb. 15-18 in Memphis. Winner need not be present (but why would you want to miss what promises to be a great show)!