Pinnacle Development Group Announces The Center for Construction Innovation & Development (CCID)

New marketing and industry research center is designed to help construction firms grow market presence, stability and profitability

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The Center for Construction Innovation & Development (CCID) is a focused research source developed by Brad Humphrey, The Contractor's Best Friend, and Pinnacle Development Group. The firm is designed to meet the need for greater economic, commercial, and competitive “intelligence” to grow the market presence, stability and profitability of construction firms. 

The CCID provides customer services for the following areas:

  • Market Growth Opportunities
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Understanding the controllable and uncontrollable factors impacting your industry
  • Learning What Customers Don’t Know… About Their Own Industry
  • Design & Construction Trends for Major Market Segments
  • HR “Intel” on Trends in Employee Profiles, Benefits, Education, etc.
  • Development of Tailored Surveys & Assessments to Address Customer Satisfaction, Leadership “360” Assessments, Corporate Culture, etc.

The Center for Construction Innovation & Development was begun with contruction firms in mind. As a growing number of companies seek information that can have a profitable impact on their future, the CCID is primed to provide that research arm for your firm.  Contact them today to discuss future information needs. 


Brad Humphrey, President                             The CCID Contact Info:

Pinnacle Development Group                         Colby S. Humphrey, MPSA

913.963.6459                                                       913.904.4970