The Safety Hazard 22 Million Workers Are Exposed to Every Year

Because noise is so prevalent on a construction jobsite, it's easy to neglect the risks that come with exposure

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By Kurina Baksh

Noise is a big part of almost any workplace. But because it's so prevalent, it's easy to start getting comfortable with it and ignore the risks that come with exposure.

How many construction workers have taken off their ear protection to have a conversation, even though loud, heavy machinery was running nearby? And how many bother putting their earplugs in if they're just going to make one quick cut with a cut-off saw?

If you recognize yourself in these examples, click the link to the article from It goes over what you need to know about noise and how to protect your hearing on the job. Once you know the risks, you'll likely think twice about putting your hearing in jeopardy.

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