Top 10 Construction Stories This Week: Lifting Isn't the Only Reason for Construction Back Pain

Most-read construction stories include when to use walk-behind trenchers, stand-on skid steers, and vacuum excavators, how to gain visibility into construction material delivery, Construction News Tracker, another measure of construction’s supply problem

Cu Back Pain Kevin Neuburger Adobe Stock Images

Cu State Of Rental10. State of the Rental Industry: 2021 Report

Coming off a challenging year, 2021 holds optimism for the rental industry

Cu Institutional Planning Dodge DataDodge Data & Analytics9. Large Increase in Institutional Building Planning Pushes Dodge Momentum Index Upward

There were 13 projects with a value of $100 million or more that entered planning in April, pushing the Index upward by 8.6%


Cu Asphalt Segregation 8. Causes & Cures for Segregation in Asphalt Pavements

By identifying where segregation can occur, asphalt producers and paving professionals can work to prevent this problem


Cu Concrete Saw Built Cuts IncCuts Inc.7. Each Skid Steer Saw is Built by Hand

This innovation in concrete sawing puts the blade on your skid steer – enhancing your mobility, and worker safety. Project profile of its use at the Kuwahee Wastewater Treatment Plant in Knoxville, Tenn.


Cu Digging Deeper Logo6. Barton Malow Uses Tool Tracking Technology to Manage Logistics and Tool Performance

Learn about benefits Barton Malow has gained by implementing tool tracking technology to not only manage hand tool inventory and logistics on projects, but also capture data on tool performance and use


Cu No Duh IsmISM5. No Duh: Study Says Construction Contractors in Short Supply

Economic report for March cites construction labor shortage as biggest issue for 18-industry services sector


Cu News Tracker4. Construction News: How to Build 500,000 Electric Vehicle Charge Stations?

GM to build second, $2.3B battery plant, Dodge construction starts up 2.3% in March, particle-board prices up 64.9% and lumber prices up 83.4% over 12 months, how to locate lead water pipes to replace them?


Cu Visibility Delivery Groundbreakers3. How To Increase Visibility into Construction Material Delivery

Technology that provides real-time information on material deliveries can help contractors better manage projects


Cu Walk Behind Trenchers2. Walk-Behind Trenchers, Stand-On Skid Steers, and Vacuum Excavators - Oh My!

Best practices for renting a walk-behind trencher and a stand-on skid-steer with a trencher attachment, and why you should include a vacuum excavator on your projects


1. Heavy Lifting Isn't the Only Reason Behind Construction's Expensive Back Pain Problem

The average concrete worker spends 71% of an average day performing motions that increase the risk of fatigue-based back injuries. But recognizing the problem is only half the battle - figuring out solutions is what mattersCu Back Pain Kevin Neuburger Adobe Stock Images@KevinNeuburger,