Coatings for Industry (CFI) WearCOAT 3020

New water-based lithium silicate densifier prolongs the concrete’s life while maintaining aesthetics.

Cfi Wc 3020 Sealer Print 1

Coatings for Industry (CFI) has released WearCOAT 3020, a new water-based lithium silicate concrete densifier. The coating helps make polished concrete floors last longer while maintaining an excellent commercial look.

  • This new product is water-based and compliant with all VOC regulations, yet offers excellent adhesion to porous concrete, greatly reducing surface dusting as it facilitates polishing.
  • Permanently bonds with concrete upon contact, filling the pores and improving its resistance to water, chemicals, and abrasion.
  • The resulting surface provides high traction for safety, yet has a glossy, non-yellowing surface that can even improve with age.
  • WearCOAT 3020 helps prolong the life of the concrete, as it resists damage from salt, water and ultra-violet light intrusion.
  • WearCOAT 3020 complies with all VOC regulations, containing less than 10 g/l VOC.
  • It has little or no odor during and after application.
  • It is also non-hazardous for transport, so it can easily be delivered by any common carrier, even overnight.
  • WearCOAT 3020 is a single-component product, sold in one- and five-gallon containers.
  • It offers a fast cure time – dry to touch in under two hours, light foot traffic in four to six hours, and ready for vehicles or polishing in 24 hours.

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