[VIDEO] Curb Roller’s Batt Screed for the Small Concrete Contractor

Designed with the smaller contractor in mind, Curb Roller’s battery-powered roller screed uses the DeWalt Flex Volt battery making servicing or replacing the battery simple through any DeWalt dealer.

Curb Roller Manufacturing's Batt Screed is the first battery-powered roller screed and is designed to be very portable. The screed uses a DeWalt Flex Volt battery, making it easy for contractors to purchase, service or replace their battery through any DeWalt dealer.
Other features of the Batt Screed include:
  • Variable speed
  • Kick stand to keep it off the ground during pour
  • Handle pivots to three different operating positions

The removable ends can be installed quickly in tubes from 3 ft. to 22 ft. long, and the single pin connection allows for easy transport.

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