Concrete Contractor's 2007 Contractor's Choice Top 25 Products

Concrete Contractor presents the most popular products from the last year.

Concrete Contractor publishes dozens of products in each issue to keep readers aware of what’s new and available in the concrete industry. Being knowledgable about the products and equipment on the market will help you make buying decisions that can lead to efficiency and profitability. Knowing what’s available on the market also allows you to offer your customers the latest trends and designs, keeping you ahead of your competition.

Every year we present the Contractors’ Choice Top 25 in our August/September issue. These products are chosen based on the interest generated by you, the readers. This year, due to ties, you can find the Top 28 products.

AmDeck by Amvic Building System is a modular, lightweight, stay-in-place form for the construction of concrete floors and roofs.

  • Use with ICF construction or other wall systems
  • Made of expanded polystyrene, reducing noise travel from one story to another and providing thermal insulation
  • Implements full 10-in.-deep lightweight steel joists to support construction loads

The Arxx Walls & Foundations insulating concrete forms offer energy savings, sound resistance and ease of installation.

  • Reinforced with steel rebar
  • Four-hour fire rating, far surpassing wood frame construction
  • Energy savings of up to 50% compared to traditional construction methods

Seamless Texture Skins
Seamless Texture Skins from Bon Tool Co. are lightweight, urethane mats that add texture to the concrete without grout lines or a distinct repeat of pattern.

  • Feathered edge for easy application
  • Available in three square sizes: 12, 36 and 48 in.
  • Available in four patterns: Slate, Roman Slate, Texas Sea Shells and Blue Stone

Vertex from Architectural Enhancements is a vertical stamp texture mix that can be applied from 1/4 in. to several inches thick.

  • Replicates boulders, brick, limestone, sandstone and other patterns

Concrete Pump Attachment
Blastcrete Equipment's model RD6536 concrete pump attachment for skid-steers is designed for form and pour, ICF, grout and shotcrete applications up to 25 cu. yds. per hour.

  • Will pump 100 ft. vertically and 250 ft. horizontally
  • Hydraulic oil requirement of 15 gpm at 2,500 psi

BuildBlock Building Systems insulating concrete forms are fully assembled, completely reversible and have convenient molded-in cut and measuring lines.

  • Strong interlocking connections and high-density plastic web ties located 6 in. on center for extra strength during concrete pour
  • 4-, 6- and 8-in. product lines include straight, 45º and 90º blocks; brick ledge and double taper-top forms available in 6- and 8-in. blocks

SpeediCut 16-in. Cut-off Saw
Diamond Products SpeediCut offers a 16-in. blade capacity with a 5 3/4-in. maximum cutting depth.

  • 81cc, 6.2-hp motor
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Arbor size of 20mm
  • Weighs 23.4 lbs.

Furniture Molds
The Buddy Rhodes Studio line of fiberglass planter, table and stool molds take advantage of the vertical applicability of the Buddy Rhodes Concrete Mix.

  • Lightweight, durable and reusable for hundreds of applications
  • Suitable for casting onsite or in the shop
  • Available with a variety of surface options

Liquid Black Oxide
Liquid Black Oxide from Concrete Chemicals is an integral, permanent colorant.

  • Available in convenient-to-use quarts or totes
  • Uses include stamped concrete, paving stones, ready mix, cement floors and more

Vertical Overlay System
The FossilCrete Vertical Overlay System is a decorative concrete application comprised of custom vertical texturing mix and a line of tools and stamps designed specifically for vertical concrete stamping.

  • Can be applied over ICFs or other walls to create a natural stone look
  • Also can be used to create custom murals, boulders, bridges, trees and more

ICF System
The IntegraSpec ICF system consists of stay-in-place expanded polystyrene form units suited for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction.

  • Patented interlocking system eliminates concrete blowouts
  • Now available with 5-in. web that, when combined with 2.5 in. of insulation on both sides, matches the standard 10-in. concrete masonry unit

Multi-purpose Sealer
Glaze 'N Seal Multi-purpose Sealer offers low-gloss protection on colored concrete, acid-stained floors and concrete overlays.

  • Non-yellowing
  • Provides resistance to all stains, acids and efflorescence on indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Protects against scuffing, heel marks and tire marks

Kwik Kerb's LumiCrete emits unpowered light in areas where access to conventional light sources are nonexistent or are not present.

  • Ideal applications include stair steps, runways, ledges and curbing
  • Can be applied to new and existing concrete surfaces
  • Works by storing light energy then gradually releasing the energy as visible light

Stain-Crete from Increte Systems gives plain concrete the appearance of Italian marble, tile, terra cotta and natural stone.

  • Permanent chemical stain
  • Available in a variety of natural earth tones
  • Will not react to salts, alkali or ultraviolet rays
  • Will not peel, chip, crack or fade

Terra-Lume from LaneLight Systems is custom-fit lighting for concrete driveways and paths.

  • Can be installed on fresh concrete with flush-mount track or attached to existing concrete
  • Designed to work even if run over by heavy vehicles
  • Track can be easily cut to follow curves on paths or driveways
  • Lights come in a variety of colors and shades

Rembrandt Polymer Stain
Rembrandt Polymer Stain from Kemiko Concrete Stains is an alternative solution for concrete that can't be prepared to receive acid stains.

  • Available in 12 standard colors, as well as black and white
  • Ultra-low VOCs
  • Formulated for both interior and exterior use

Sim-Stain from L & M Industries is an alternative to chemical stains.

  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Immediate color - no neutralization or extra rinsing required
  • Colors can be mixed for dozens of combinations

Lithochrome Tintura Stain
Lithochrome Tintura Stain from L.M. Scofield is an environmentally friendly waterborne stain that includes vivid reds, yellows, blues, pastel pinks, beiges and grays.

  • Penetrates and bonds with porous concrete or cementitious toppings for permanent, nonfading colors
  • Durable enough for interior floors, exterior hardscapes and retaining walls
  • Compliant with current air quality requirements and does not require acid residue removal and disposal

Etching Stain
Quikrete Etching Stain provides a multi-toned finish in coffee, tan or olive.

  • Comparable to weathered marble, natural stone or marble
  • 1-gal. container offers 300 to 400 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Etching Stain High Gloss Sealer also available

Concrete Color Stains
Concrete Color Stains from Newlook International are water-based, non-acrylic and have no VOCs.

  • Penetrates the surface without changing texture
  • 80 standard colors available
  • Transparent Color Enhancer available for optional use in conjunction with stains

Nudura forms are lightweight, easy to maneuver and arrive at the jobsite preassembled using Nudura's hinged folding web.

  • Patented locking mechanism stops float and compression
  • Larger than traditional blocks, covering 12 sq. ft. for a sturdier wall form

Chrome-Etch Acid Stain
Specialty Concrete Products' Chrome-Etch Acid Stain creates natural, earth-tone color shades that simulate the appearance of real stone or masonry.

  • Available in 12 colors
  • Ideal for interior floors
  • Permanent color effect that won't fade, chip or peel

UltraCrete Coatings
The Sherwin-Williams UltraCrete Coatings provide a textured, uniform finish to tilt-up construction, pre-cast panels or concrete block surfaces.

  • Formulated for spray application
  • Can be applied to damp concrete and in temperatures as low as 20º F
  • Delivers long-term resistance to UV damage and efflorescence

Color Stain
Color Stain from Super-Krete International can be used to achieve an acid stain look.

  • Easily applied on driveways, pool decks and patios
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not yellow or radically change color over time
  • 16 colors available

Chlorstain from Super Stone is a deep-penetrating, acid-based stain.

  • Use on old and new concrete
  • Provides permanent color with a marbled and shaded effect giving the appearance of natural stone
  • Will not peel, chip or fade
  • For residential and commercial use

Wave Sink Molds
Wave Sink Molds from Tsunami Countertops are reusable fiberglass sink molds for molding integral concrete sinks in concrete countertops.

  • Multiple styles, including the Tsunami wave sink, the ramp sink, staircase, and traditional and rustic models

SS Rainbow Stain
With The Stamp Store's SS Rainbow Stain System add subtle accents, boldly change your concrete color or adjust color vitality by varying the pigment-to-base ratio.

  • 26 standard waterborne stain colors available, plus custom colors
  • Eight colors correspond with popular acid stains for quick color matching or correction

AquaStain Penetrating Formula
AquaStain Penetrating Formula from Xcel Surfaces is a waterborne, acrylic stain with superb penetration characteristics.

  • Designed for use on decorative overlayments and concrete surfaces
  • Abrasion, solvent, chemical and water resistant
  • Can be used for interior or exterior applications