Watch the Time-Lapse Video of Ohio's Unique Concrete Pedestrian Bridge

The city of Dublin, Ohio, recently opened its new pedestrian bridge, which includes a concrete focal point.

City of Dublin, Ohio
Dublin Ohio bridge
The bridge's concrete keyhole tower is 169 ft tall.
City of Dublin, Ohio

The city of Dublin, Ohio recently completed construction of a unique pedestrian bridge.

The opening was set for mid-March, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The bridge is now available to the public, but visitors are asked to social distance, not touch the handrails and avoid the bridge if it seems busy. 

Called the Dublin Link, the bridge is the longest single span, single tower S-shaped suspension bridge in the world, according to the city. 

The bridge is 760 ft. in length by 14 ft. wide. The deck is “S” shaped with a radius of 500 ft. and is anchored into the earth at the embankments. Four 65 ft. approach spans lead to a 500 ft. long suspension span. The cables were produced in Italy by one of the few companies in the world that makes the type of suspension cables needed for the S-shaped curve bridge. Then those cables were extensively tested in Germany before being sent to Ohio. 

The deck passes through the “keyhole” of the main tower which is 169 ft. tall.

Read more about the bridge at the city's website, here. Watch the time-lapse video of the bridge's construction below. 

Fun facts

  • Main tower height of 169 ft., compared to Ohio State University (OSU) Stadium press box at 183 ft. tall
  • Suspension span of 500 ft. long, nearly two football fields
  • Total deck length is 760 ft. long
  • 860,000 pounds (430 tons) of structural steel, weight of a loaded 747 airplane or 355 OSU victory bells
  • 350,000 pounds (175 tons) of reinforcing steel, weight of 100 mid-size cars or 145 OSU victory bells (2,420 pounds)
  • 1,600 cy of concrete, amount of concrete to build 32 new single family houses (foundations and driveway – 50 cy per house)
  • Two suspension cables (120 mm diameter), tensile force in cable of 3.25 million lbs. each – this force is the weight of 500 adult African Bush Elephants (6.5 tons each) 
  • Structural steel was fabricated in Tampa, Florida
  • Main and Hanger suspension cables were fabricated in Milano, Italy
  • Cables were tested in Braunschweig and Bochum, Germany