GCP Applied Technologies Renames Microfiber Portfolio Under the Sinta Brand

Newly branded line of synthetic microfibers for concrete maintains proven product quality and controls early age plastic shrinkage in concrete.

Gcp Sinta Microfibers

GCP Applied Technologies Inc., formerly Grace Construction Products, has announced its line of synthetic microfiber products, previously sold under the names Grace Fibers, Grace Microfibers, Grace Microfiber FDS and Gilco Fibers, will now be marketed under the new brand Sinta.

The newly named product line includes Sinta F (fibrillated), Sinta M (monofilament) and Sinta FDS (fluid delivery system) synthetic microfibers for concrete.

The Sinta FDS innovative fluid dispensing system delivers the microfibers efficiently at the batching plant, allowing for automated dispensing of fibers into the concrete. The result is an accurate and recordable dosage of fibers delivered efficiently and safely. The product offers improved productivity, while maintaining the high quality and performance of the microfibers.

GCP’s Sinta microfibers are used in applications where designers, contractors, or producers want to minimize cracking due to the rapid surface drying of plastic concrete. It is a proven and cost effective solution for the control of plastic shrinkage. The use of Sinta microfibers in the mix protects concrete from stresses that cause cracking, thus improving the overall quality and durability of concrete. Sinta microfibers are used in many applications such as slabs on grade, pavements, overlays, sloped walls, pools, shotcrete, stucco, tunnels, precast, and prestressed products.

The new Sinta branded product names will begin to roll out in August 2017 with a transitional period of a few months.

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