[APP] Manage Construction Project Life Cycles with BuildgingBlok

BuildingBlok, purpose built for construction, delivers a simple, complete record for every project providing total clarity and accountability across your teams

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Mobile app: BuildingBlok Mobile
Starts from $100 per month
Available on:
Apple and Android devices

BuildingBlok Mobile is a cloud-based construction management and communications platform to help contractors manage the entire life-cycle of a construction project.

BuildingBlok can be used to help with bidding, daily reports, documents and timesheets across all phases of a construction project including planning, construction, document management and closing/archiving.

With BuildingBlok, contractors can manage the invitation to bid process including sending out invitations to bid updates, awarding contracts, and tracking actions and activities.

Daily reports can include notes, photos and hourly weather and employee management. Export and email daily updates to the team, create activity reports, and track daily labor hours. Use timesheets to track time and GPS locations across all construction projects and tasks. Users can group workers into crews for bulk check-in. Custom reports and insights are also available.

App features:

  • Create and view RFIs, to-dos, memos and photos
  • Update mancount and notes on your daily report
  • Save data offline and sync to BuildingBlok once connected to the Internet
  • Manage construction document workflows with approval chains and activity tracking